The WunderKammer!

Since the beginning, yes, literally since the beginning of you and I and everyone we know there has been an unquantifiable circulation of ever changing values and beliefs, stories and expression that mould who we are: Culture to put it plainly, and for as long as there has been people who communicate and think there has been this phenomenon. The format in which we broadcast our beliefs, creativity etc  is known as the media (it can be from cave drawings to internet ‘VLogging’, and it is the products of the media that we cherish, share and help to construct our own identities in society. The media is such a huge ‘Melting pot’ of knowledge and creativity that anyone and everyone can find something they like, many will step up to the plate and throw in their own contributions whilst many others will sit back and ‘take a bite’. Either way there is something out there for everyone.

I have a keen interest in media, I love film and music, I take interest in writing and art forms and I am fascinated with an ever-growing world of ‘user generated content’ online. Some media forms allow me to experience things vicariously, whilst others inspire my own creativity. Some I find captivating and amazing, some I try to absorb and explain my identity with, and of course some I enjoy for entertainment. We all do these things as a result of being immersed in a media saturated world.

Anyway enough introducing, I’m here to present my very own ‘Cabinet of curiosities’

In the column to your right you will find collection of things I love, I hate, and have inspired me to embark on my own media journey.

So here it is, no more stalling! I present to you… ‘The WunderKammer!’


Well, it has been a few months now, and both my cabinet and Blog have grown exponentially (which I am quite happy with). Technically I could stop my Cabinet at 40 items, but I have decided to keep going, keep adding new and exciting things that catch my eye or ear, and I’ll keep sharing them with the world (or at least who-ever takes interest)

Check out this video below for a reflection on my Cabinet Task and the Blog as a whole.

The majority of these items were being posted up before I had gathered new perspectives from my modules, so in a sense the cabinet a curiosities is a retrospective look at the interests and thoughts of a regular ‘prosumer’. I can see something of a transition when I look back at them now. My later items were more informed, so naturally they present a juxtaposition against the items I wrote with my A level theory. Take my first item for example, ‘Children Of Men’ was reviewed with my Film Studies knowledge as well as personal opinion. University has taught me not just to look at a text with analytical theory alone, but also with the awareness of how the audience is conditioned to respond and consume.

This Blog has done something rather special for me, it has opened up a world of on-line profiling and expression that I never really appreciated or understood before. My work ethic has changed, I have become more independent in my studies and research, and with my Blog beginning to get some recognition I have a little more purpose. I can see why we were set the blogging task, because it has become a labour of love for me. When you see your blog grow into an e-portfolio you can really take pride in whatever you do, it also drives you on to do more. So that is exactly what I am going to do, more posts, more pages, more Vlogs and more side projects!


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