15 – “Taste that? that’s a pop sensation, thanks Mr Cowell”

I guess massed produced music counts as ‘stuff from the media’. So here goes…

I don’t like music, I love music. That’s why they get rich quick signings and superficial music groups annoy me so. Big record labels, big brand channels and media moguls churn out pop products at an alarming rate, and they are often about as disposable as a plastic bag.

It seems the world we live in is trapped in a cycle of stupidity that not even those who started it can break away from; big companies telling us what we ought to like and buy make use of the media channels such as ‘MTV’ to broadcast these ideologies. It’s the perfect plan really, target the teenage generation who are going through an identity crisis and will eat up anything the media throws at them, tap into the ideological stream and fine-tune it a little to the sound of your wallet. It’s such a good plan that our culture will never be the same again!

The new Pop industry is different to the last, popularity is no longer gained through skill of the musician and quality of the music. No, now the popularity depends on how much the label will back an artist, and by that I mean how the label will manipulate the media streams and throw the ‘music’ and the easily moulded teen population. An alternative artist (by that I mean someone who sounds totally different to what would be in the current charts) would have little or no chance of success if they were to compete in this environment, because they would be unfamiliar material in the eyes of the demographic (who have been raised on a steady and similar diet) regardless of label support.

Just look at music entrepreneur Simon Cowell; see how he so masterfully takes an artist and turns them into a ‘cash cow’. Take ‘One Direction’ for example.

I’m sorry, but pop music in a sense is no longer a cultural product, it’s an industrial product.

Rant over…


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