50 – Minecraft, a digital phenomenon becomes a digital culture.

Starting in 2009 as a java script creation from Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, this garage  game soon flourished into a nerd’s utopia. A simple concept at heart, a game of building blocks that anyone can contribute to and create. Around this concept he threw in basic artificial intelligence, or ‘mobs’. A night/day rotor that affects the behaviour of the environment and characters, randomized terrain etc. A few years down the line and you have a best selling game that is on the mind of every hardcore gamer and computer enthusiast. Much like the RPG’s and MMO’s before it this game has developed not just a following, not just a fan base, but an entire open source culture. The game has also sparked some of the most popular game commentaries in the UK such as BlueZephos and The Syndicate project. This game is endless, limitless and ever expanding. Provided you have an unlimited imagination, and a RAM big enough to compensate for the enormous landscapes that you will find yourself in…

I am fascinated by this game, however I do feel that something like this could easily become an addiction, I was hooked simply watching game-play from The Syndicate project; there is so much to do, and new features being added everyday. It is literally becoming a cubey second life, in which you need shelter, food and can roam freely in a totally open world. Just a word of warning, don’t go out alone at night.

Just from skipping through this video you can what people do in the game. If you combined the first person shooter with RPG gameplay and the real world, and lego, then you’d have a rough approximation of what Minecraft really is.

I guess this is in the cabinet because it’s such a huge game, which such intrigue surrounding it. It’s one of those games you don’t understand or appreciate until  you’ve seen or played it for yourself. But once you’ve tried it, you’ll be hooked.



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