9 – ‘Deviant Art’. Top quality photography, drawings and literature submitted by people like me and you.

So this one is quite simple, I love ‘Deviant Art’ and that is why it is in the cabinet. Like Vimeo it consists of top quality user submissions combined with a helpful and friendly community. When I first stumbled upon ‘Deviant Art’ I would literally browse for hours gazing at its fantastic works in awe. To this day it is one of my favourite uses of the internet; it is ‘stuff’ like this that emerges from new media (internet) that shows a better side in people.

Like Vimeo it is a free to use and upload site, making it perfect for those of us who just want to browse and upload their own ‘deviations’. However there is also a large professional circle of users that can make commercial use of the site too.

^The images are from the welcome page. ‘Fella’ is a frequently used mascot for ‘Deviant Art’.

For some this is an alternative to other sites such as YouTube, who have a much larger and ‘less friendly’ (to put it nicely) community. It is also an example of a working ‘open source’ prosumer community; generally these groups thrive on feedback and self inspired production, presenting the more promising side of the internet. Alvin Toffler predicted there would be some sort of ‘utopian e-utilisation’, but he also proclaimed a hail of doom and gloom that would follow it. I suppose there are always the downsides, the scary secrets about big internet businesses that we turn a blind eye to, but I think it all depends on how you take it personally. How much do you think you have at stake or what you could lose, and how much can you get out of the internet for personal benefit. Weigh them up together and ask yourself which side of the fence you sit on!


One response to “9 – ‘Deviant Art’. Top quality photography, drawings and literature submitted by people like me and you.”

  1. Afsal Ismail says :

    Deviantart is paradise for a hobbyist photographer and graphic designer. It’s where non-professionals can still share there work and learn from others. I still tend to browse the submissions every so often.

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