8 – Tool Music Videos…. Even if I did understand what was going on… No, scrap that. They’d still freak me out.

I’m putting this in the cabinet because they are ingenious, mysterious and disturbing enough for you to remember them! I am talking about the band Tool and their unique music videos. There has always been an air of mystery surrounding the band; their songs are eerie and deep, and their hidden tracks/ album fillers are so unusual they can be scary.

The Tool guitarist Adam Jones creates the music videos, favouring stop motion and unusual imagery to compliment the music rather than the band’s performance. The videos often lack context, and even accompanied with the song lyrics they are still hard to understand. One particular example is ‘Parabola’; people try to explain what it is really about, but in the end it is all subjective. The band never explain the meanings; like old poetry people make sense of it in their own way.

^ It could be about subjectivity and reality, it could be about achieving nirvana… I couldn’t explain it confidently, I doubt the band could! Either way the video is great; it makes you wonder and makes you think. Have a look for yourself!


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