7 – Vimeo, the number one source of genius and inspiration.

Its like YouTube, only there is no sexism, racism, homophobia and ‘trolling’.  Then there is the general superiority of the uploads. I first really started going onto vimeo during my time in a film-making group called ‘Shootout’ where is was recommended to me.

Vimeo is a free (unless you go premium) video hoster aimed at professionals groups and aspiring young film-makers alike; the community is friendly and encourages creativity (which is rare on the internet).

But as well as top quality videos, Vimeo also has a music store for film score composers and a selection of free video lessons for beginners and intermediate users alike!

I have selected a handful of videos that really justify why Vimeo is in the cabinet; videos that have left me wanting more, or have left me wanting to get out and shoot my own short films.

‘Frictions’ By Steven Briand was a graduation piece combining live action and animation to create a colourful and expressionistic picture.

‘APRICOT’ by Moonwalk Films, winner of the community choice awards and rightfully so. Beautifully shot, perfectly suited acting and a great storyline. The first time I watched this I was amazed, and I am equally amazed whenever I revisit this gem.

‘Sign Language’ by Oscar Sharp; an “adorable film about static outdoor information technicians” This won a virgin media shorts award. It’s a simple concept, a heart-warming tale about a man who loves his job. The whole piece comes together so well that it will either leave you with a big smile on your face or a tear by the end.

^ ‘Capture the Can’ By Saman Keshavarz. Fun, fast paced and exciting, this combination of the on-line shooter and paint-balling makes for a brilliant quick flick. The camera work puts us in the shoes of a ‘spectator’ as we are thrown in the middle of a team death-match between the reds and the blues; it is fantastically choreographed and makes for an entertaining two minutes of madness.


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