6 – Neil Blomkamp’s short films

Some of the first short films I saw, they may not be the best but I always remember them. Before district nine Blomkamp directed a series of quite clever films criticising work conditions for ‘temps’ (Temp Bot) and the social impact of the apartheid in South Africa (Alive in Joburg). They make use of  impressive low budget CGI (He was originally an animator before a film-maker) before such ‘YouTube magicians’ as Freddie Wong.

^ Tempbot. It’s a funny look at the treatment of ‘Temps’ in the work area – in this case the ‘temp’ is personified as an awkward robot without a voice.

^ Alive in Joburg, the inspiration for ‘District 9’. This film made use of CGI and stock footage from the South African apartheid era to create an allegorical sci fi short with a somewhat dystopian feel to it. It was relatively unheard of, and totally dwarfed later on by the success of ‘D9’.

Blomkamp’s work introduced me to the world of short films, so even if they are not the best out there, they are of significance to me.


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