54 – ‘Recovered Footage’ films, sort of like Marmite for your eyes.

You either love them or you hate them, and I for the most part love them…

There’s something about ‘recovered footage’ films that intrigues me, I’m not sure whether it is claustrophobic framing, or the guerilla feel which pushes the imagination to flesh out a lot of the story…

Perhaps its the fact that some of them are so cheesy they are good, and the fact that they can create such an atmosphere such a small budget. It makes the mind boggle… If done right a ‘recovered footage’ film can be absolutely terrifying, but it is so easily ruined with over-exaggerated actors and unrealistically shaky camera work. If you are an enthusiast of the outdated guerilla film approach then you try to overlook the bad releases, and quite literally cling on to anything that justifies your choice of film appreciation. I’m not knocking the congregation of POV junkies, nor am I claiming some sort of hypocritical distancing. If you are going to do it, then get it right. Fortunately there are plenty of ‘handy cam’ films out there.

I’ll name a few…

‘Rec’ – The spine tingling Spanish horror shot on a modest budget of one and a half million Euros (For those of you who don’t know that is a micro budget compared to most films). Leaves us in the heart of a demonic outbreak; trapped within the confines of an old apartment building the characters are mainly camera fodder, and its a case of who gets picked off and when. Nonetheless this is a frightening spectacle to sit through, and I applaud those who could watch it unscathed. Yes, ‘Rec’ is at the top of my list for scary POV films.

‘Redacted’ – Gripping and uncomfortably presented, Redacted is a documentary styled film consisting of various subjective film techniques. It depicts the struggle between the insurgents and the US military in the Middle Eastern conflicts, and is deliberately controversial with its satirical lack of conventional media portrayals. Without a news team or a Hollywood approach to the documenting of soldiers fighting the ‘enemy’ we begin to question who the enemy is, if the suffering is worth the ‘victory’ and above all what is being hid from us by our governments and mainstream media outlets? This is the kind of undertones you should expect in this film, as well as an intense ride all the way through.

I could go on and throw a few extra examples into the mix, such as ‘Troll Hunter’ or the original cult films ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ or ‘Blair Witch Project’, but throwing convincing pieces at you is not enough. Seek out the films for yourself without heading to something as over-hyped as ‘Cloverfield’. If you like indie zombies go for the British ‘Zombie Diaries’, if you are a fan of the supernatural then try ‘The Last Exorcism’. Depending on which side of the line you stand the ‘recovered’ or ‘found footage’ films can be a work of clever camera craftsmanship or a hailstorm of badly shot cliché’s



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  1. Clara Piper says :

    ahha, pretty interesting

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