53 – Brave New World, a harrowing parable of humanity

Despite its relative antiquity, Brave New World turned out to be a very accurate depiction of the ‘future’ mankind. Almost a century after it was written and the book managed to hit the nail on the head, not in literal sense. We are not in a post cull utopia with cloning facilities and a technocratic caste system. But the way we think, the way we act. The disposable, hyper promiscuous, post industrial society that we live in today, that is the Brave New World that Aldous Huxley knew we were headed for, in one shape or another.

As an outsider looking in we see past the superficial utopia that is brought on by brainwashing and drug control. Following a series of protagonists who struggle to fit into this perfect society we see the most harrowing thing of all, a reflection of ourselves, of what could be in the near future.

We are already seeing the breakdown of family, of social mobility and the enslavement that technology brings. High surveillance and total chemical/biological intervention from government forces, this is already happening… So it is worrying how predictable humanity really is, when you consider the age of the book.

In the ‘brave new world’ you are part of the system or you are looked at as a savage, as antisocial. Throughout the book there is referencing to ‘Soma’ and ‘Conditioning’ which are essentially the agents of control (these are disguised and made to look harmless), people are satisfied with their throw-away consumer culture and are spied on and deceived by the ‘controllers’. The most interesting protagonist – ‘The Savage’ brings the old world of family, religion and arts into the new world, and the indifference kills him. The moral of the tale  is simple “we are losing our humanity, but we are too distracted to care.”

What scares me is the stark similarity between the ‘brave new world’ and the New World Order. If you don’t know about the NWO then don’t worry yourself. It’s too vast for me to explain now, I’ll save that for another time.



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