51 – Romantically Apocalyptic, who thought nuclear winter could be so awesome?

I’d never been a fan of comics, I never bought into manga or anime (with the exception of Pokemon). But I’ve always been drawn to dystopia, the abject and the ‘what ifs’…

Hmm, I haven’t worded that very well.

Just to be clear, I’m not a manic-depressive or an obsessive cynic. We’re all drawn to the things we fear, but the things that are out of our power tend to be ignored. It’s in our human nature to turn a blind eye to the real problem that’s hurdling towards us, because if we don’t think about it then ‘surely it couldn’t be there!’ I think a lot about the stuff other people don’t want to know about, so naturally dystopian fiction is a big favourite of mine (I mean ‘Children Of Men’ is my first Cabinet item. And if you have read through any of my Blog you would probably already have some sort of vague notion).

So when I stumbled upon Romantically Apocalyptic I stumbled upon a comic I could really enjoy. Funny, well written, visually breath-taking and best of all dystopian. This is not your average comic; the humour is strange and the aesthetics are totally different from anything I have seen before (granted I am not a modern connoisseur of comic books so I could be wrong). It’s like a mix of digital and traditional  art with an apocalyptic satire to it that shouts “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” If you like post-apocalypse fiction, silly humour or are a sucker for a good bit of sci-fi art (or appreciate any visual art!) then you would be a fool not to check it out.

Gloomy, photo realistic and rich... It's the signature mark of Vitaly Alexius' style and his growing RA franchise.

You really should check it out right now, I’m going to stop typing now so you can check it out. But before you go be warned, the comics are getting crazier by the day…



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