48 – The Jeremy Kyle Show, weeping for humanity has never been easier.

Bear baiting the population whilst making Britain look like a backwater, it’s the Jeremy Kyle show!

Well where do I start with this, never have I been so shocked yet so entertained, so repulsed but wanting to watch more. It’s a peculiar show, and it escapes me why so many people sign up to be torn apart on the show.

I could sit and watch the show in utter amazement for far too long, there’s something about it. My guess is the viewer wants to see who else (or what else!) could rear their heads onto the show, and if people can get any lower. Unfortunately they can, and in ample supply…

There are a few recurring themes of the show: Benefits, alcohol, domestic violence, sleeping around, illiteracy, aggression and total humiliation. People are reduced to nothing when they step out onto the show, but sometimes you wonder if they deserve it. That sound extreme? then watch these.

So right now your should feel pretty ashamed of Britain after that, I mean seriously.

But it isn’t fair to do this kind of thing to everyone, especially if it is quite likely that the person is not mentally healthy, and is being exploited on the show. Take this man for example, whom I am sure was unstable.

I don’t really know what else to say about Jeremy Kyle and his wonderful show. Truly a bizarre and depressing spectacle of British culture, and if you have ever seen it you will agree.


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