46 – Christian rock, not what you think!

I was always aware of the painfully cliche ‘happy clappy’ christian efforts, the comic books and badly tuned acoustic guitars. I always found that stuff cringe-worthy, and patronising. I’m not the most religious person in the world, but I do find myself listening to a lot of Christian rock music. Not realising it is religious until I really like the band; it doesn’t stop me liking them though. It just shows that musicians can show their faith and be awesome at the same time!

And to prove my point, that Christian bands (whom are in high supply in America) can rock out and sound good I have compiled a short list of songs that you should really check out before you make up your mind on the matter…

Red – A well known amalgamation of post grunge and alternative rock, that bring elegant lyrics with an orchestral sound to explosive guitars and drums!

P.O.D – Nu metal rap, or is it?

Decyfer Down – This small time band are musical preachers, they sound awesome whilst having very faith centred lyrics.

Creed – Boasting the musical superpowers Mark Tremonti and Scott Stapp, Creed are one of the most successful Christian rock/post grunge bands in existence.

12 Stones – Heavy hitting hard rock. But they are openly religious!

Devil Wears Prada – You didn’t see that coming.

Flyleaf – Surprised yet?

Paramore – They are all quote un-quote ‘Happy Clappies’

Skillet – Okay, that one was obvious. Right??

Switchfoot – Maybe something a little more mellow?

Thousand Foot Krutch – Linkin Park with some faith and something else I just can’t quite put my finger on? Yeah I suppose.



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