45 – I-Dose. The new digital high?


Call it placebo, or call it a genuine digital high, the ‘I-Dose’ is an infamous product that can be purchased online for your consuming pleasure. There are a range of ‘doses’ to choose from via the I-Doser store, claiming to utilize custom Binaural tones that can increase concentration, ease you into a sleep or even cause hallucinations. Now Binaural tones aren’t a new thing, they’ve been around since the 19th century, and essentially they are a pattern of frequencies that supposedly synchronize lower brain activity to bring you into a state of subconsciousness, similar to hypnosis. So to an extent there is some sort of truth behind these digital drugs, but they DO NOT induce hallucinations, and effects associated with hard drugs.

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of various different dose files to choose from, but the majority of them will do nothing to you. You see the videos of kids ‘dosing up’ and acting crazy or claiming they feel so much better. I’m afraid to tell you that it is a huge fallacy, you are better off listening to the music that makes you feel good, or getting out in the sunshine and getting vitamins and endorphin releases from the sun and natural air.

Nonetheless the media hijack the ‘reaction videos’ of people freaking out on placebo drugs, and draw the attention of local councils, police forces and government agencies, who in turn protest against the ‘digital high’ which simply leads to more intrigue from teenagers. If the so called I-dose is a drug, then so is music, so is clubbing, so is watching your football team win a game. At a tribal level we like to feel as if our ‘tribe’ is superior to others, so listening to heavy metal with your friends makes you feel powerful, just like screaming for your favorite striker as he slams one into the back of the net, or getting lost in a sea of people with powerful music and strobe lighting. They are just ways of bringing out the natural drug, the acknowledgment that something is beautiful, or powerful, or awe inspiring. We are all built to respond to everything on a chemical/hormonal level as much as a physical and emotional one, so people to call binaural music a heavy drug need to wake up, and ask themselves…

“If that is a drug, then what the hell is the fluoride and lithium in my water, the caffeine and aspartame in my soft drinks? and the toxic dyes in my food? What exactly is this vaccine going to do to me in twenty years? why are these Prozacs giving me severe anxiety problems, and why shouldn’t I give my child Ritalin and amphetamines to burn out his overactive little brain? What else is in this tobacco I am smoking, and why is all this necessary medication causing severe health complications? Wait a minute, since when did I need all this medicine? They said all this shit was good for me!”


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