44 – Info Wars – the truth you didn’t want to hear…

A recent finding, Prison Planet TV and Info Wars are a collection of reporters, activists and producers who oppose the current state of affairs in America. They criticise congress, government officials and debunk conspiracy theories  whilst maintaining a rolling podcast production online for anyone to tune into. The head of this production is active conspiracy theorist and veteran media producer Alex Jones, who is dedicated to airing the ‘truth’ to anyone who listens.

Yeah, I know. At first glance you may be thinking “Uh oh, crack pot alert”, or “As if we need any more depressing news!” But the simple matter of the fact is this man isn’t a crack pot, and he’s trying to show us the wealth of knowledge out there that is practically screaming “Do not ignore me!” All those fishy stories in the news, all those things that you may have been suspicious about in your food or ruled by the governments, all the technology related scares of war and enslavery… Prison Planet TV simply points out what is already there, and makes the logical connections that we just don’t to make ourselves. We can eat a burger happily, so long as we do not meet the cow.

(So what if I’m not American, these issues that are discussed effect everyone!)

This, including Russia Today are choice news sources for me, because they are less inclined to dish me a plate of ‘sewer stream stories’ or lie to me about something I needn’t know; even if the stories don’t concern me I read about them to keep informed, and above all to help me shape my own perspective of the world (which is much more interesting when the agents of socialisation I choose to absorb can conflict one another, or be critical towards the hegemonic concepts of society). I’m not an extremist, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m not anti-this or anti-that, I just don’t like being served a plate of something without getting to look at what else is on the menu (or asking what exactly is on my plate).

I find I am becoming more sceptical about news stories with every passing day, so naturally I look for alternative media sources, as well as doing a little research of my own. Paul Bradshaw, whom I saw at my first Coventry Conversation said validation of data was the most useful asset to any journalist, and when we live in a world of social media and ‘prosumption’ (consumers also produce) we all become journalists to some extent the moment we lay down a blog post. So I try to figure out the story using more than one source of information, because a diet without variety is an unhealthy one.


One response to “44 – Info Wars – the truth you didn’t want to hear…”

  1. Dollie Thomas says :

    this is pretty interesting

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