43 – MMO culture

An ever expansive form of entertainment for the masses. MMO’s or ‘Massively Multiplayer Online’ games are often free to play, and often bear membership numbers in the hundreds of thousands. With the technology and internet capabilities becoming every increasingly powerful, the MMO culture grows more popular. Ranging from alternative lives to full out player versus player combat, the MMO industry has something for everyone, provided your computer is up to spec of course.

The one thing that always humours me is the sheer variety and extent of the MMO universe, and the fact that you can literally do everything, be anything and meet anyone; you can guarantee there is a game out there that suits your gaming needs, whether that would be looting an abandoned city with friends whilst engaging in fire-fights with ‘rival clans’, to exploring dungeons and caves. There is everything in between too, including the less cliche activities such as buying and selling land and art for real money in second life, or having to hunt down your zombified avatar with a newly created account to stop it from losing your in game money and posessions (yeah, I heard there was a Japanese company working on this kind of game). I don’t venture much into the MMO territory, probably out of fear I would get addicted or find something I really didn’t want to become associated with (I can guarantee you that you will find MMO’s residing in the hedonistic and downright messed up ‘back alley of the internet’). But if you have nothing better to do or you are feeling adventurous then look around for some MMO’s, see what you dig up, you may even like it.


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  1. Lacie G. Xiong says :

    this is pretty interesting

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