42 – ‘Supersize me’

A chilling spectacle, and a totally sobering exposure of Western consumer culture, Supersize Me is a guerrilla styled documentary that follows Morgan Spurlock as he commits to a diet of only McDonald’s for an entire month, whilst taking health tests and travelling across the US delving into the true social impact of the fast food franchise. The Oscar nominated writer/director follows his strict diet, until he is advised (more like ordered!) by doctors to stop his self destructive experiment before it kills him.

Okay so he may have gone over the top for the month of consumption, but this is a man who beforehand was totally fine; he exercised regularly, ate healthily, didn’t drink or smoke, and in a month he had nearly destroyed his liver, was developing acute diabetes and had become addicted to something in the McFood. His immune system was at an all time low, not to mention the functionality of his kidneys and heart, it is shocking to think that anything could do this to a human being and be labelled ‘edible’, let alone ethically or legally acceptable. See Morgan’s diet impact in the video below!

This documentary has been out for a while now, but if you haven’t seen it, and you are a fan of the McDonald’s products I suggest you find this documentary and have a watch. At least you will know what you are doing to yourself on a long term basis, maybe you’ll be less inclined to get your weekly (or even daily) McFix. The worst part of this is, McDonald’s has barely changed their ways, so the super size option may not exist in some states now, but we still know very little about what is being pumped into the food. The McNuggets around the time of this documentary were mechanically recovered chicken meat (such as eyeballs and muscle tendons) as most of us already suspected, however you may not know that they were also mixing blood and ammonia into the meat paste, and that is before the various chemical injections, preservatives and repetitive deep frying and freeze drying. Even if they have changed the way they make their food, even if they use ‘real meat’ as the adverts so reassuringly proclaim, there could well be something just as foul floating around in the recipe, hidden by the food standard loop holes and red tape that the McLawyers exploit. This is a capitalist effort, they are NOT making the food with YOU in mind.



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