41 – The Host, for those of you who didn’t know- it’s awesome!

My first experience of Asian film was a South Korean horror flick about a body snatching mutant, and it left me intrigued and excited. Whatever reservations, misconceptions or expectations I had were wiped away as soon as I started watching this film. elegantly sharp cinematography and impressive CGI tied in with bizarre slapstick comedy and a strong family moral, ‘The Host’ changed my perception of Asian film for better.

Just like Mexican Cinema, we never expect something as good as the high budget, low originality DejaVu that is the Hollywood studios, however I often end up correcting myself. When films like this come from cultures pressured by stereotype and the drive of exoticism it makes me re-evaluate my view on ‘foreign film’ as it were. The fact is I feel encouraged to explore more ‘foreign film’, see what they have to offer that mainstream cinema may not. I even joined the East Asian Film Society to find out more, and I have not been disappointed.

If you like film too then I urge you to look further than Hollywood for your film fix, you’d be suprised how much you enjoy it.


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