4 – That looks fun….

Well I won’t lie to you, I love watching behind the scenes style footage of bands. Call it stupid, but sometimes its nice to experience the ups and downs of a rock tour, however vicarious and superficial it may be. At least until I have the time and money to do it myself. This is in the cabinet because it is an inspiration to me; I think to myself “one day I will experience the stress, the manic rush, and the fun of a rock tour” I don’t mean becoming an international star, I mean bundling into a van with some mates and some instruments, and see where it goes.

If you don’t know what I mean when I say behind the scenes style footage watch these.

^ If you haven’t heard of Heaven’s Basement they are a relatively small rock band from England. This is a video of what they got up to on their DIY tour around the UK. Its full of trash talk, banter and off-stage hijinks. There are several episodes on YouTube, this one is early on in the tour.


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