39 – Should we be afraid? Predictions, fear campaigns and religious hullabaloo

I’ve noticed that the media love to make us afraid, there’s always news of nuclear danger, economic downfall and international relations turning sour, heck even the apocalypse predictions have been rearing their ugly head with Harold Camping and the 2012 scare.

So what is it? Is it a fear campaign to keep us in check? When you scare a population and take away hope they will follow anyone with a solution, just look at the Nazi regime – that was born out of poor working class Germans who followed a post communist idea of ‘National Socialism’ which was an answer to the economic slump of the time. Its in our nature to find hope in unusual places, especially when we hear nothing but bad news. Is that being used against us?

There are many conspiracy theorists who believe the tragic 9/11 occurrence was a stepping stone to war, caused by some shady government agency, or perhaps the Illuminati, or maybe its all hullabaloo.

Sometimes you see things on the news that are just a little bit too questionable, such as the drone that was shot down over Iran a few weeks ago; the government claims it was not damaged, yet it was shot down from high altitude, and those who have captured the drone refuse to return it, or prove that they have it. What’s more is that there is a total denial of any valuable information that may or may not have been taken. Al-Jazeera hasn’t reported this, it seem only western/American media has covered this story.. Suspicious?

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2072752/Iran-says-wont-return-secret-CIA-spy-drone-claims-shot-sky.html Check out a piece of this bizarre story here…

The ‘fat cats’ in the boss chairs may spoon feed us information, but it doesn’t mean we should accept everything that we hear or see. Be a little bit sceptical, and you’d be surprised how odd some stories really are.

Another thing I am sceptical about is all these end of the world predictions that are sprouting up on the internet and on the television. A few crackpots frighten the whole of society with their ‘numerology” predictions about the end of the world, then they link it in with current risks (that turn out to be quite low odds when you dig a little deeper) such as an asteroid that may slip past our gravitational field, or the delayed activation of the large Hadron Collider, which has been prophesied  as a man-made apocalypse, by those who want a wildfire story that will sell. this all helps to circulate the ‘we’re all going to die!’ ideology and gives the nut-cases something to rant about.

Have people forgotten that we have worried about the end of the world since, well since forever? The Cold War was going the be the nuclear apocalypse we’d all been waiting for, all the way back to Black Plague of the middle ages, which was seen as God’s retribution on a sinful people. I think people like to predict an end time, its a good excuse to raise the taxes a little for ‘your protection’ and sell some luxury apocalypse bunkers… Like everything else in the world, it’s a product of our imaginations and it generally benefits the rich, and kicks the poor to the curb a little more. Call me cynical…

Oh and one more thing, ‘Apocalypse’ translated from it’s Greek origin means ‘revelation’ or ‘lifting the veil’, and from what I gather the religious/ancient predictions do not necessarily predict carnage and death, but a ‘great understanding’ or a ‘great realisation’, jus’ saying…


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  1. Adria C. Colvin says :

    i wonder where i heard this before

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