38 – Band of Brothers; guns, actors and character development.

Possibly my favourite television series of all time, Band of Brothers follows a group of American soldiers during their WWII campaign across Europe against the Nazi war machine. Sporting a fantastic array of actors, top class plot writing and character development, and immense war re-enactments. What is there not to like?

Like any good series a few characters are killed off here and there, well when I say a few I mean a lot! Which makes it doubly emotional when you really get attached to them, following their journey from base camp to the end of the campaign, things get pretty cathartic when they suddenly drop from a stray bullet or a nearby explosion. Even more so when they have to make a suicidal rush for a position, and scores of them are killed off by mortars and machine-gun fire, I found my self leant forward with a look of shock and horror on my face when things like this happen (and of course for the rest of the episode I would go over this in my head, trying to come to terms with the fact that my favourite character just got blown to pieces in a cloud of shrapnel).

Yes Band of Brothers plays on loss and shock as a big part of the emotional interaction, as well as general empathy for those who actually fought and died in the wars, the portrayal is realistic enough for you to forget that it is only a television series you are watching. If you haven’t seen it or even heard of it do yourself a favour, go to HMV or get online and buy yourself the box-set, it will set you back twenty pounds tops, and for that price you will witness the grittiest portrayal of war, and one of the most epic television series ever produced…


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