34 – ‘Blue’ The spirit of Tool lives on, and it’s even creepier than ever.

Provided you have heard of Tool you will probably have heard of ‘A Perfect Circle’ Maynard James Keenan’s side band. Although this band is supposed to be a more ‘straight forward rock band’ in some respects it still carries the occasional Tool-esque vibe of deep meaning and unnerving subject matter. I think the music video for the song ‘Blue’ does this very well, maybe too well.

I love Tool and A Perfect Circle, but I do find myself a little creeped out occasionally. This music video is the only was a fan-made video, but it was so good that it may as well have been the official music video, it suits the song in every way, and it is a chilling interpretation overall. Maynard has admitted in interviews that most of his songs are written without a particular story behind them, so people can read them in totally different ways. I have to say this is a disturbing reading of the song; it is possibly the only music video that literally left me staring with my mouth wide open, gawping at what will happen next. I think in my mind I expected the man to wake up! Watch it here for yourself.

This is in the cabinet because this the ‘go to creepy music video’ for me. I don’t dislike it or anything, I love it! I just remember how shocked I was the first time I saw it!


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