33 – ‘Metropolis’ – A vision of Anime

My favourite anime of all time, I can always go back to this story and be amazed, totally sucked into the metropolis universe regardless of my age. For some time I thought this was an anime remake of the German masterpiece ‘Metropolis’ by Fritz Lang, as they share the same themes of technocracy, class division and man made dystopia. I’m sure with a little research I would get to the bottom of it, but I liken the two very closely either way. Two different cultures discussing very real issues in their own marvellous ways.

Both films focus on a powerful and beautiful female protagonist who are both man made, and become equally desired by many men (for many reasons!). Essentially the outcome of an all out revolution and the future of the Cities’ technological prowess hang delicately in the balance. Both films are highly cathartic, and highly melodramatic; they condemn mankind for their self destructive lust for power. I’m a sucker for a good dystopian flick so I love both, but there is something magical about the anime version, it’s like an immersive childlike feel combined with gritty violence and social-commentary which makes it bizarrely immersive!

Watch a little taster of both, I highly recommend you watch them in full!



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