32 – National Geographic

I’ve been getting the monthly National Geographic now since around 2003, so it is safe to say that I have accumulated quite a large collection of the magazines. I find them fascinating; wonderfully written, and beautifully photographed journals and articles on international issues, more than often those which escape the attention of the mass media.

Its safe to say that I have grown up with these, and as a result I have nothing short of a library of editions to choose from. Even if the issues are outdated, it’s still a lot of food for thought, and an insight into the life of a travelling photojournalist who isn’t afraid to jump into a crisis zone feet first.

Even if you aren’t a big fan of reading, the pictures alone are magnificent, and they tell a story just as profoundly…

And it may sound foolish but I have put a large number of unopened copies aside. There they sit in their packaging, some of which have remained unopened for years now. I’m not trying to collect them for the purpose of collecting, I’m not trying to horde them and sell them on either. I decided a little while back it would be an interesting idea to keep a few copies untouched, and finally open them up ten or twenty years down the line – who knows how much the world may have changed by the time I glance down at the pages?


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