31 – Zed Nelson

I remember a year or so ago, when a very renowned photographer was coming to my College for a presentation on his work. The lecturers were all very excited, but the students were rather indifferent about it all. Turns out this became one of those things you wish you could do all over again, because at the time Zed Nelson was no-one to me.

Yes, Zed Nelson. The international photographer who isn’t afraid to let his pictures do the controversial talking, what was that saying? ‘the camera never lies’ – well people get around that, Mr Nelson is one of the few who’s work speaks a striking, and unashamed truth about the way we are.

Sometimes spending months at a time travelling across countries and integrating into the culture, Mr Nelson gets to the heart of issues the media simply brush over, and gives them a sobering deal of exposure. With issues ranging from the firearms policy  in America, to the Obsession with ‘Western Beauty’ across the Globe – his portfolio consists of a collection of thematic albums, that all cover a particular issue. His photography is simple but powerful, not focussed on artistic use or metaphorical expression through colours and composition, no he simply finds a problem, and captures the result in action wherever he may find it. This gives his style a rather journalistic slant, or at the very least an observatory one.

Zed Nelson chose to become a photographer, and chose to pursue his dream career. He has found success from doing what he loves, and I admire that.

Check out his work here:



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