30 – Blogging and Vlogging, putting your stamp on the internet.

Inspired by on-line entertainers and university life alike – blogging has become part of my academic life, whether I’m updating the world on my personal development, or just adding to the melting pot with redundant information. Provided you aren’t just going through the motions this can become quite an addictive activity, one you find yourself committed to on a regular basis. For me this keeps the wheels of my work ethic turning, with the promise of something at the end of my pet projects. It’s important to make sure you aren’t just churning out the same thing day in and day out (which I have found myself doing now and again) because you can lose track of why you starting blogging in the first place, especially if money is invloved…

Nothing like a little bit of self satire, reflecting on previous vlogging activity which has become a frame for monotony (Personally Wheezy Waiter is never boring to me!)

After watching through that video and thinking about my blogging career I have decided to be more creative, more productive and produce better quality posts. I have spent enough time in a writer’s slump.

This page has killed two birds with one stone; Blogging is in the Cabinet because it is a part of my digital identity, but this particular page marks a turning point in my manner of Blog writing. Expect more, expect better!


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