3 – Kerrang Magazine; for better or for worse….

Well this is going into the Cabinet for a number of reasons. To start it is a cabinet of curiosities in it’s own right; being a printed collection of contemporary ‘Rock’ music and all things related to the subculture. It is a fantastic example of a media artefact for this reason. As well as being a magazine it has expanded into radio, television and live performance. It is a hugely popular figure of the music world.

The magazine as you can see makes use of the ‘zine’ style, which makes a nod to the symbolically alternative ‘punk’ era, even though Kerrang was a strictly a ‘metal only’ magazine during this time.







The problem with Kerrang is the split opinion from its ‘target demographic’. It is becoming more apparent with every passing year that in order for Kerrang to maintain commercial buoyancy it must represent the more ‘profitable’ side of rock and roll (i.e. the chart artists and big record sellers). Look in the magazines and you will see how Kerrang will poorly rate an artist, but the second that artist makes a platinum record they will slap it on the front cover. This unavoidably leads to a growing dissatisfaction amongst much of the rock community, who now consider Kerrang (once an undeniable figure of alternative culture) a ‘sellout’ mainstream magazine. I agree with this, but I am saddened rather than angered by Kerrang’s perpetual decline…

I suppose I should thank media saturation for the wealth of other magazines to look to, like ‘Metal Hammer’


One response to “3 – Kerrang Magazine; for better or for worse….”

  1. Mandy says :

    Its a shame Kerrang sold out, but we both know its not about the music anymore its about the ‘dollars’. Its about whatever appears to be current and ‘worth it’. In the 80’s if you could afford to buy it, it was a refreshing change from NME spoutng on about ‘indi bands’ like The Smiths and The Cure. If you were a true metal snob (which I was, and guess still am) then Kerrang was where it was at. They sold out for me with grunge (not post grunge) and punk… phuey!
    Kerrang kept us in posters too, gotta love those spandex…..happy days, Men had more hair than women, and there was no bloody guy liner, unless o course you liked kiss or twisted sister, shite!

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