29 – British television, entertaining a country with humour only we’d understand for decades.

The Americans don’t get it, the Europeans don’t get it, what is so funny about shows like Peep Show, The Office or Spaced? Why does this humour only appeal to Brits? Perhaps it is the dry witty sarcasm, innuendoes and satire; call it more evolved or just as equally devolved from classic slapstick humour, either way it seems to have a very particular demographic…

I personally love Peep Show, I love the witty satire on everyday life combined with the dry humour within the characters. I will sit and laugh hysterically at it, whilst some of my friends (who are of different nationalities) sit confused and unimpressed. Maybe it is a signature mark of British culture, who knows.

Brit Humour is in the Cabinet because I love it, but it is also something to be proud of in a funny kind of way, at least some of us get it.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=fvwp&v=ATWnqhYmJlg (A scene from Peepshow, I was unable to embed due to Channel 4 copyright)


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