28 – Contemporary reality television, the Antichrist of culture.

Okay, so this is a major pet hate. The number one thing to send to room 101 and kill with fire. Those of you who are of a delicate nature and are a fan of ‘Jersey shore’ or ‘Big Brother’ should avoid this page, so you avoid a biased rant about my biggest dislike- fickle people and monotonous television.

Call it a ‘rats in a maze’ social experiment, call it ‘niche television’. It’s been done to death and no longer cam be classed as quality entertainment. I’ll admit that I found ‘Big Brother’ interesting in the first few series, but there is only so much you can do with a bunch of stupid narcissistic people under closely monitored house arrest. Channel four has rebooted the franchise plenty of times, so don’t expect it to just fade away with some dignity either.

From this ‘monitored’ genre of reality television a new breed was born, more annoying than the last. Now people tune it to watch the ‘pretty people’ live self indulgent lives of stupidity, superficiality, the ups and downs of fake relationships and a rather bleak portrayal of humanity in general.

Jersey Shore, Made in Chelsea, The only way is Essex and Keeping up with the Kardashians are all a part of this movement: Half staged and half monitored, the ‘actors’ in these reality television franchises are famous for nothing, and in my opinion shows like these are the true epiphany of current celebrity culture, in all their shallowness.

I don’t even want to get started on the Cowell spawned ‘Talent Shows’ that plague our television networks annually.

I don’t need to explain this in any further depth, because if you are reading this you have undoubtedly heard of this kind of television, and at least seen some. This is in the Cabinet because I hate it, and to me it represents all that is wrong with Western Culture/Media.


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