27 – The COD fixation; it’s the new opiate of the masses.

When I say COD, I am not just referring to the every-so popular ‘Call Of Duty’ series, but I refer to all contemporary FPS games that flood the market with their redundant story lines and false claims of ‘totally new and boundary smashing gameplay’.

Take it back ten years and we all fondly look back at the golden age of games, FPS games had not yet achieved world domination and they were still an exciting new genre, waiting to be expanded on. Games like ‘Unreal Tournament’, and ‘Halo’ were genre defining hits that forged the gaming industry and entertained an entire generation. I remember playing these whilst I was younger, oh how exciting and immersive they were. Obviously nowadays they are hopelessly outdated, but it is still good to return to them now and again, to remember where it all began.

So what are video games now? Cash cows? Corporate clones? Digital highs? Maybe they are a mix of the three, and more. It should be apparent to most people that first person shooters dominate the game industry, and the game industry is quickly dominating the market. Call Of Duty: Black Ops sold 5.6 million copies on the first day, which set a new record, millions more have been sold since, making COD one of the best selling franchises of all time, alongside Halo, Wii sports, Mario, and Tetris: It is apparent that whilst games like Tetris and Mario are still the best selling of all time, they have been around for at least twenty years longer than most first person shooters on the market- it is the FPS has become the new opiate of the masses. And people just can’t get enough of it, they have no time for the classics any-more, or any other video game genre, or any thing in general for that matter! It’s a good thing it doesn’t make us stupid or nothing.. What was I talking about? Anyway I’m going on the xbox…


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