26 – The Social networking phenomena: Hail me! I am your new king! and my name is FACEBOOK!

We all know it’s true, face-book is an annoyingly addictive social networking site that is the first thing that most of us think of when we get online. Now over 500,000,000 of us use Facebook regularly; that’s one in thirteen of us as an entire species, I think that’s a little terrifying as much as it is exciting. I’d consider it the 8th continent of the world; there’s enough of us, there is a committed global participation, and a whole new culture in digital circulation.

With so much recorded personal information, so much commercial potential, maybe we should draw a line somewhere. Not only are we at risk from calculated ‘napalm sales’, but we are also on a database of contact information just waiting to be rifled through by governments, organisations and multinational entities. To those of you who think we are ‘safe’ from all this? I ask you “Do you have a Facebook account?” you may not sign up for I.D and government surveys (to stay out of the system) but if you are on Facebook then you may as well be. Facebook is free, but you have to wonder how, and why. We’re all fair game so long as there is free usage, and the highest bidder to buy past the  technicalities of privacy regulations.

But hey, it’s free… So sign up to Facebook and start a poke war with your friends.


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