25 – Advertisers, watch as they prey on your children…

I’ll try to keep this from becoming a rant, and more importantly I will try to keep this to the point. When I say Bourgeoisie I am referring to the Marxist term for those who ‘own the means of production’- basically the bosses, the big figures and anyone who can control the produce and the media as well as their workforce. A big factor of consumerism is the marketing, that’s what keeps the wheels of supply and demand turning smoothly, keep people interested and you keep people buying, build it and they will come etc, call it what you want.

In the interest of profit the companies that sell media and products to us are becoming more and more brutal with their targeting schemes. Magazines that proliferate ‘hyper masculinity/femininity’ and sexually charged ideologies in order to sell to younger audiences, video game companies that knowingly expose children to gore and violence care little about the impact (Why should they? they make billions of dollars…) It is all something that future generations grow up immersed in, you have to ask yourself “what is this going to do to my kids?”

The worst of it is that even with these personality forming products out of the equation children are still ruthlessly targeted with advertising. ‘Junk food’ advertisements introduce children to the big brands and totally have them under a spell, it is almost impossible to get away from and has a huge health impact on the population. Even before this stage there is the power of aiming at the children: Advertise a toy that may be made in Taiwan for fifty pence and sold for about thirty pounds and you will still get a huge demand, because if the child is so captivated by it that they become obsessed with owning one, chances are the parent will fork out for one for an easier life. Tell the kids, rob the parents. Literally taking candy from a baby.

Its ingenious as it is ruthless and unethical, but we live in a consumer driven society, so its not going to change any time soon. I can remember how convincing the advertisements were when I was little, how I so longed to have a ‘beyblade’ or the next box set of Lego. A child is much more easily impressed than an adult, and that’s why this system works.


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