23 – The internet anomaly.

Funny thing, the internet. Most people do not fully understand it’s origin, or how it operates, moreover how does it continue to grow and what supports it?

Well to answer these questions I would need to give a history lesson on the Cold War, and explain a lot of computer science (and that is not going to happen sorry!)

For most people the internet is something that represents ‘now’ so to speak, or the modern world we live in. And that is fair enough, but it is fascinating how it evolves and grows, sort of like a massive living spider web.

I think the thing I find rather fixating with the internet is the fast moving trends that captivate the billions of users for short periods of time before moving onto the next thing, and the entirely new set of social rules, ideologies and dialect that has been created since the birth of the internet. It is like an entire new nation has emerged, created by us. Land of the digital native; here you will find viral videos, poorly articulated obscenities and LOL-cats, oh and the envisioned creativity of a worldwide generation.

Never before has there been such an explosion of free information, fame and free speech. Unfortunately there probably will never be again; it seems we have hit the ceiling far earlier than we hoped, and now the internet can only get busier and busier, spill out onto more and more mediums and very soon become as familiar to humans as breathing.

This is in the cabinet because I am a digital native, as is almost everyone I know. This is a part of who we are whether we like it or not.


One response to “23 – The internet anomaly.”

  1. Julia Goodwin says :

    this is pretty interesting

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