22 – Personal Heroes

I realise the cabinet requires more than artefacts, I should put something a little more personal, a little closer to me. So here it is- here are my personal heroes (in no particular order)

Number one is (as I have mentioned before) Craig Benzine; A waiter who began vlogging out of frustration with his job. Now he makes a living do what he enjoys with the people he loves. He inspired me to get my own ‘pet projects’ off the ground as well as making me laugh with his entertaining videos. He is also a musician in a band that regularly tours, something I look to do somewhere and sometime in the future.

The next one would have to be The Loeffler Brothers. Being a big fan of their music and music in general I am somewhat drawn to their way of life. Not only are they hugely creative in their writing and performing, but the fact that they are such a closely knit group (and are so down to Earth) make them a figure I try to base my musical life style around (not strictly). The drummer’s style is modest yet powerful, I love how Sam could really unleash on a drum-kit but only chooses to play what complements the melody. And the lyrics are clever, how they indirectly reference things in their lives (something I find myself doing to some extent whenever I write), Pete is extremely talented, but so humble- it’s inspirational. And they aren’t stuck up millionaires like the stereotypical rock band of America, they have a strong fan-base but are not so well known anywhere outside of America, and they must tour all the time in order to get by. So yeah, I’m a big fan of Chevelle!

Next up is George A Romero, director and writer of the cult ‘of the dead’ series. It’s pretty simple; if it wasn’t for Romero most of our modern horror films would not exist, and the zombie would not be the flesh eating monster it is today. Not only did this man inspire most future horror directors, but he also created an auteur status for himself thanks to his ingenious social commentary and guerrilla style budget film-making. Yes, this is the man that got me into film, and made me a diehard zombie flick fan. Nerdy you say? Well maybe a little bit, but I love it, and I intend to make a zombie horror film to pay homage to the master at some point in the future.








When you are a self taught drummer you find yourself learning from other musician’s styles, quirky techniques and general musical character. I am influenced by a lot of drummers out there, including one the of Loeffler brothers (as I have mentioned above), but my go to influence – besides my Uncle who is my first musical inspiration (and general awesomeness inspiration…) is the king of chops Chad Szeliga. This man is a walking talking drum machine, capable of full on jazz, modest rock and full on metal. He can shred fills, blast beats and of course keep good time. Being a member in one of my all time favourite bands – Breaking Benjamin, his different style he adapted just for the band combined jazz and rock in a fresh way, bringing back a flare to rock drumming. Truly inspiring for me…


I’m putting Alex Jones on the list. Simply because he wakes me up, and makes me face the world sober and cynical. That’s not a bad thing, I see past things now, I see past what the mainstream media tells me and suspect everything. I’m not afraid, I’m educated. That doesn’t make me crazy either. I wish I could tell you that Alex Jones was a crazy conspiracy theorist, but he isn’t; the proof is all there. So listen to some of his pod-casts or check out his documentary films, if you don’t believe them then do the research yourself.


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