21 – Growing up with video games.

If you are a ‘Digital Native’ then it is more than likely that you came into contact with video games as you grew up. For a lot of people this would have been a frequent thing. Oh I remember the simple days of the Playstation and Gameboy after a long day at school (this was before the age of the high graphics, high performance ‘COD’ era that we currently and unashamedly live in).

There was a time where video games required you to utilize the highly underrated powers of logic and cognitive processing; where you would really have to THINK about how you were going to get to the other side of that bottomless pit guarded by angry looking Venus fly traps on your last life, all for a crate of ‘wumpa fruit’…

Yes I am referring to the timeless ‘Playstation One’ trilogy ‘Crash Bandicoot’. The first video game I played and fell in love with; to this day it remains an all time favourite not just for the nostalgia, but also the sheer entertainment factor. Okay so It may be totally outdated in comparison to today’s video game industry, but its games like ‘Crash Bandicoot’ that make me glad I was born in the nineties. The now ‘retro’ video gaming era belongs in the cabinet because I grew up with it, it is a part of my very identity.

The one thing I have noticed is that ‘kids’ who were born a few years after me seem to be a whole other digital generation- they are born into a world with so much more hi-tech gadgetry. I remember a year ago I had a conversation with someone who had just started secondary school; the one thing that was always on his mind was playing on his ‘PS3’ on-line, and how the ‘xbox 360’ was too old. He told me my phone was rubbish, because it wasn’t touch screen and couldn’t stream high definition videos…

It just shows how quickly the times are moving; not only are the days of simplistic entertainment gone, but it seems the age of virtual entertainment has also become obsolete , only to be replaced with the age of virtual entertainment version 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and counting…


One response to “21 – Growing up with video games.”

  1. Robert says :

    ehh… i hate to admit it but i agree with you, i hate this “CoD mass-production-of-bullshit-era” they just spam the same game…. its like ehh… world of warcraft would go back to its roots on the original WoW… i like the historical games such as Company of Heroes,Age of Empires&Mythology series and now… only CoH exists, Age of – series have got stopped forever… also even the “crash bandicoot” i liked it so much that i bought it on my PS3 sometime ago… but well i guess we, the 90s kids are… “out-dated”… the new children of 2000s and late 90s are becoming… terrible… only few people i see to be worth being friends with and the most of rest are just… stupid or stuff like that… and haha… i had that same problem with the phones, i used to have a Nokia 6220C but then i found out that i would like touch screen cause i wanted to know what its like, i got a iPhone 4 for communion gift last year, i didnt ever ask for it cause when i got it i was about like stunned, its very awesome to have one… and its a phone what does not need to be changed so usually… it gets updates what make it better or something like that, oh ya, if you like old games of PS1 and you wouldnt like to get a PS1 to play them cause its pretty ehh… outdated *x_x…* a PS3 60GB (the original PS3) is the answer to it…. its a PS1,PS2 and PS3 + a computer all at the same thing… but well i guess if we look too much to the past, we wont notice the future… oh well i guess thats all though, im online alot if you want to send me message back…

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