20 – Pokemon!

You know your franchise has been a success when it brainwashes the youth of the western world from the nineties to the early naughties. Pokemon did just that; being the first real english anime series to hit Britain and other countries in such a way the market was taken over by this new lucrative craze. For a while pokemon was the craze in every school, every shop and in every home because kids just couldn’t get enough of it. It just shows how influential something new can be.

The face of Pokemon, those of us who were growing up during it's commercial reign will remember it well

The television series was addictive, the creatures were fantastic, and the merchandise was all the rage. Pokemon (in it’s day before it was over exploited) was one of the most successful franchise in the history of our culture.


4 responses to “20 – Pokemon!”

  1. Afsal Ismail says :

    Made my childhood. In fact back when I was in second grade, the episodes would show at 7 in the morning before school. What makes a kid wake up early better than a Pokemon episode that happens to be the conversation starter at school haha. Good times!

  2. Mandy says :

    Helsian days indeed…… God, even brainwashed the parents, my fav was jigglypuff!
    They got something right though, and that is then genius or just a lucky break?

    • noobytendencies says :

      Haha! I think it’s a mix of luck and genius, as you will always need both in the world of the media.

      …probably more luck than anything though 🙂 just look at most sensations! right place at the right time!

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