2 – AVATAR – a new age of money burning Hollywood hits a cinema near you! Again, and again & again.

(I apologise in advance for expressing my opinions….  if you an easily irritated AVATAR fan read something else…)

Well here’s something I’m not a fan of at all. AVATAR; the love-child of James Cameron’s arguably varied imagination, land of the nine foot blue people with ‘USB’ tails versus the cigar chomping guns-for-hire (who just want a bit of ‘Unobtainium’ – a very imaginatively named element which is apparently hard to find!). Okay I will admit the special effects are impressive, but for a film buff like me who looks past all that I only see a 2 and a half hour epilepsy show with a bigger budget than our armed forces…

They really over-hyped this

Am I over-reacting? I honestly couldn’t say, I think what annoys me most about this film is what it represents – an age where recession hits all except Hollywood (who continue to splash out ridiculous sums of money). On the other hand I suppose this film can be used as a benchmark to show how far we have come since the introduction of the ‘moving picture’ which I guess could make it a spectacle to be proud of. we continue to climb up the technology tree at an alarmingly fast rate; two years from AVATAR’s release and we have mastered 3D technology to the point where we even have phones that can shoot footage and export it as a fully 3D film.

AVATAR is technically the most successful film in human history, because film success is judged by how much money can be made (in this case billions of dollars have been made). But it really leaves me wondering (or worrying) about the future of cinema…

Maybe I’m just grumpy.


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