19 – Magicians of YouTube, watch them march on Hollywood.

With the rise of affordable cameras and video editing software user content is getting more and more impressive. A once magical power of the super studios now is available to the general public. And those who are particularly proficient with these available tools have been dubbed ‘YouTube Magicians’ by other YouTubers.  A prime example of this would be ‘FreddieW’ or Freddie Wong. He and he friends can create incredible special effects with adobe after effects. He is only one of many ‘Magicians’ however. And they are getting so good that some believe it will not be long before the likes of Hollywood are made obsolete.

I think we have a while before Hollywood goes under, especially with the likes of ‘Avatar’ setting the way for a new breed of ultra budget CGI films, it’s still a funny idea to ponder.


One response to “19 – Magicians of YouTube, watch them march on Hollywood.”

  1. Mandy says :

    You Tube, is a fantastical platform for the bizzare and the down right anything goes era! World wide expression from a screaming frog to how to trim your own privates, trepanning your skull or applying make up. It is an interesting spectacle on life around the globe, for myself, if I think about it too deeply it would freak me out! Anyone with a camera and a point of view has a voice, anyone with something to share, can and does, from the benign to the dam right fkd up. Should we worry? I don’t know. We live in a completely voyeuristic society, with an appetite for incidental and trivia….what is entertainent anymore? perhaps ‘the you tube’ finds a niche where anyone can choose their ideal form of entertainment. A place where nobody else can question or judge, or indeed tell you what you should or should not like/dislike; you have the option to express this yourself at the end afterall…..or perhaps its all just a bit too weird these days…. I must be getting old!!

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