18 – Craig Benzine. The waiter, the beard, and the internet inspiration.

Craig Benzine, the one person I watch regularly on YouTube has always been a favourite for me. He is a ‘DIY’ entertainer who started off ranting about how he hates his job on a camera and is now a full time YouTuber with generally entertaining Vlogs. The key to success in such a saturated field is to have a stand out signature of some sort, ‘Wheezy Waiter’ has many. To quote another youtuber Wheezy’s “thing is making up loads of things”

He also plays in the increasingly popular indie rock band ‘Driftless Pony Club’, and has worked closely with several other Youtubers and film-makers. I couldn’t really say why I enjoy Craig’s work so much, I guess its just got that likeability factor.

Why be called wheezy waiter? well because he used to be a waiter... and he has asthma


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