17 – Mexican cinema; defying all stereotype.

What do you associate with Mexico? Burritos? Cactus? Panchos? I bet it wouldn’t be cutting edge cinema now would it?

It is true though, Mexico has recently had a cultural explosion; young fresh waves of film-makers who are not only good behind the camera are good with money are not afraid to show Mexico in an unfiltered, uncensored light.

Like British Cinema Mexico does not have a vast and bordering unlimited budget like their American counterparts, this means the directors are more creative, and get more out of every penny. It also means the films are generally grittier and harder (being closer to Indie rather than Hollywood) and have more of a focus on clever story writing and stylistic camera use.

Take ‘Amores Perros’ (translates to ‘Love is a bitch) for example. One of the most successful Mexican films so far really shows the country for what it is – crime ridden with hugely uneven wealth distribution. If you have seen the film you will notice its intricate three plot mix, and documentary style footage that is quite subjective. This is something that the ‘three amigos’ ( the three film-makers who led the new generation and set the definitive Mexican style of film-making) brought to the table at the turn of the century.

^ The trailer for ‘Amores Perros’.

This is in the cabinet because I am inspired by the level of reinvigoration a generation can bring to such a valuable part of their culture.


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