14 – I love it, I hate it. Welcome to YouTube

I’ve talked about YouTube a few times, and you will undoubtedly know what it is (if you don’t then what are you doing reading a blog?) as we all use it daily. Anyone who makes regular use of YouTube will agree that there is good and bad to be found amongst the both the community and the videos. We all know YouTube has spawned many brilliant internet shows, vloggers and musicians, such as ‘EpicMealtime’, ‘Wheezy waiter’ (more about him later) and ‘Terabrite’. There is also a recently released feature film collaboration between YouTube and National Geographic, which ingeniously follows a day of people’s lives from all over the world.

^ ‘Epic Mealtime’ are renowned on the internet for their high calorie high alcohol food concoctions.

^ ‘Wheezy waiter’, my personal favourite of the blog world.

^ ‘Terabrite’; a two man band born on YouTube. not only do they create music on a regular basis but they also compose parts for other YouTubers and upload a daily Vlog of their music careers.

But YouTube has a darker side, a side of racism, sexism, homophobia and cyber bullying. There is an undeniable presence; all you need to do is read from the comment section. Behind the safety of anonymity people show their true colours in a vulgar display.  In a ‘Time Magazine’ article on the world wide web it said “YouTube harnesses the stupidity of crowds as well as its wisdom. Some of the comments make you weep for the future of humanity just for the spelling alone, never mind the obscenity and the naked hatred”

I have come across channels that promote chauvinism and white supremacy in the UK (I will not provide links to these illegal channels for the purpose of neutrality- and many of them are deleted to cover the users tracks). It is also alarming to notice the level of freedom users have uploading their videos; I say this because family members often post home videos of children playing etc, and predator users will compile these videos, (I actually reported a user who had a favourites list consisting of young girls dancing or swimming at pools – it sickens me to think there are people scouring the web looking for images of children).

Web bullying gets out of hand. A red-headed Vlogger called ‘Copper Cab’ exploded into fame after his video expressing his hurt towards the bullying of ‘gingers’ went viral. Since then he has been subject to international bullying from anonymous users and even had his account stolen by a ‘troll’.

And then of course there is the irritating users that gain internet fame for odd reasons or no reason at all, such as former ‘number one subscribed of all time’ channel ‘Fred’. Literally the most annoying thing on YouTube, yet he is internationally known, and even landed a Hollywood contract for his own feature film.

What can I say, we all have a ‘love/hate’ relationship with YouTube.


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