13 – Dead man’s shoes; the advantages of being a poor country…

Well this is part of our cultural identity, the British film industry is renowned for producing top quality low budget films, and ‘Dead man’s shoes’ by Shane Meadows does this justice.


I have this in the cabinet simply because it is a testament to what film-makers can create on a micro budget: Shane meadows (He directed ‘This is England’ if you don’t know who he is) has gained a reputation for working well with quite little; making good use of local resources (British locations / locally sourced actors) and powerful story writing to create gritty British flicks.

The film itself is a revenge slasher at heart, but its plot twist gives it a psychological-thriller feel. Although it is violent and rather gruesome in places  it is also sadly moving, generating a lot of empathy in most of the audience (especially after the plot twist). It is in all a very British take on the slasher genre in both look and feel thanks to Shane Meadows’ working style.

Being an independent film ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ did not receive much media coverage, so you may not have seen it. I would recommend it to fans of indie flicks, slasher fans or those that enjoy gritty British film. Watch the trailer below at least.


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