12 – Age of the Gibs, “We’ve been dismembering bodies and numbing minds since quake 2!”

I hate to sound like a grump, but it does concern me how available vicarious graphic violence is. Age ratings don’t really mean a thing anymore; kids just get someone else to buy them all the violent video games they want. I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite; I have played my share of violent video games when I was younger, but they are nothing compared to what is circulated in the media market nowadays. Perhaps its overly liberal approaches or lenient commercialisation, it’s definitely attributed to the increased capabilities of consoles. I couldn’t lay all the blame on one thing however.

I guess you could say we are in the ‘age of the Gibs’, if you don’t know what a gib is it’s a reference to the late nineties gaming era which saw the rise of ‘Quake’, ‘Doom’ and ‘Unreal’. These games introduced us to dismembering enemies in gameplay for the first time; the body parts that would fly around and litter the floor in the heat of virtual battle became known as Gibs. Virtual combat and the gore that follows it has gotten more visceral and more realistic since those days. So now games like ‘Call of Duty’ or ‘Dead Space’ are so full of casual decapitations and screaming limbless victims that those born during the ‘age of the Gibs’ think nothing of it.

This goes into to cabinet for its controversy, and for being a very current issue in the media.


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