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Another month down.

Wow, these really are flying by at an exponential rate. I’ve been so caught up in the moment that I’ve lost a part of my former self, if you will. The patient writer, the static thinker, the philosophical ranter, he has been left by the wayside and given way to a new individual. An impulsive tinkerer of sorts, who fraternizes with the present. I’ve seen the capital, I’ve seen the sunset on an ocean, and I’ve grown to treat my camera like my closest companion. I have to be careful not to lose sight of everything else that is in front of me, including my limits and time. I know I should be doing more than a post a month, but it feels like all I can handle right now. I reflect in different ways since I’ve been here.

It’s starting to get cold here, people are withdrawing a lot more, you can see it. Fall will soon be usurped by a blistering cold winter. The sun doesn’t show his face much anymore.




Louder than words

Another leap forward, this time by a month. A month of living in Sweden has passed me by without hesitation; though I cannot say the same for those I have left back in England, the time is slipping by alarmingly fast, and it leaves me tired.
I have not bothered to write about my endeavours here, there is far too much to list. Instead, I have taken to practice photography – in particular, travel photography. An image can be worth a thousand words, so it’s only logical to opt for the practical, at least in my eyes anyway.
As my collection of photos grow, so does my confidence with a camera; I’m beginning to understand the elusive lessons from film theory,  back home. ‘Kino Eye’, seeing the world through an unobstructed machine’s eye, is both something I can identify with and call into question. I doubt the truth of a camera’s observation, yet I feel it still portrays something of our own true colours…
I digress, with September coming to a swift close I realise I ought to be doing something more with my time other than clocking in and letting it pass. I haven’t even began to read through my exchange assignment, though from what I understand it is little more than a journal of one’s experiences. Perhaps photos will suffice, but should this prove inefficient, I shall return to the realm of the written word. It’s been a long time, here’s hoping there’s still something there when I get back into the swing of things.
I promised some sort of concrete agenda in the previous post, but this is proving to be more troublesome than I originally anticipated. Give me some more time, fellow friends and readers. I’ll figure something out, preferably before I start to freeze.
Until next time…
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