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Thinking About Cyclone.

Well, I wanted to keep this video a secret until it was unveiled to the rest of the class, but I recently found out that this won’t actually be used at all for the presentations. After all that editing! Oh well, I’ll share it on here instead. I had to put together a reflective video, during which I discuss my experience on my self guided placement, what I learned and what I struggled with. Standard procedure, but it delves into Cyclone quite a bit. If you’d like to learn a little bit about the ‘behind the scenes’ progression, and Cyclone’s relationship with my course studies, then watch the video below!


The Not-So-Blair Witch Project

As promised, the Infamous P.O.V parody has been uploaded today for your viewing pleasure. Now as many of you will know the ‘Blair Witch Project’ was greeted with a less than satisfactory reception from the general public, as its ‘experimental ambiguity’ (personified by shaky camera work, mind games and a lack of any  on-screen content) was not fully appreciated. It would be fairly safe to say that the creators’ anticipation and the viewers’ expectations were not on the same level.

Of course, there are P.O.V films out there that are terrifying, or are incredibly well sculpted (such as the Spanish ‘REC’ series or the American war drama, ‘Redacted’). It was just a little too early for Blair Witch to be as ambitious as it was (in regards to the evolution of the ‘Recovered Footage’ sub-genre).

So, in the spirit of making the best of an idle day (with good weather) Manny1212 and I parodied the film that started the craze badly, a horror film that went down in the books as a ‘how not to’ example for future generations of low-budget film-makers.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…

The Not-So-Blair Witch Project.

The ‘Daily Hay’ video.

Like I promised, I have been putting together some videos to go with my various written posts from across the week. I’m trying to keep to a daily upload routine (as much as I can), starting with the days I have missed out on. They will be on my YouTube channel in the playlist Hay Festival 2012. The first four days are already uploaded, to watch them click the link below.

I’ll keep the ball rolling as best I can, but in the meantime, I’m going to get some sleep!

Covering Katy Perry.

As you may all have noticed I’ve been focussed on YouTube lately. I have struggled to really write anything up on my blogs, call it writers block or distraction by everything. Perhaps being away from university commitment has made me too idle, because it definitely feels that way. I suppose all I can do is wait for the pressure to push me back into ‘work mode’. When it does I promise NoobyNews will have a new article (A feature piece on the events in Syria) and more regular writing on the main blog too.

But in the meantime here is a fresh video from today’s band practice. There will be another vlog tomorrow. Wow this took a long time to write, typing in front of a television is really difficult! Hmm, maybe that’s my problem.

Jazzy distractions.

A few days ago I was babysitting my younger sisters whilst my mum reluctantly left us to our own devices. At first glance the evening looked to be an uneventful one as we casually ate slices of cold pizza and drifted in and out of states of homework focus, but the jazz took a hold of us within minutes of it playing. A rather quirky post jazz ensemble called ‘Partisans’ fueled our irrational imaginations, and in an hour our procrastination had gone from idle to childishly creative. The mood of the evening was altered to one with a purpose, and we set about planning ‘something to do’.

We were so caught up in the jazz inspired distraction that our creation was not finished until two days later. The finished product was not what any of us expected, and if anything it made us wonder how strange our imaginations can be. It went from ‘something to do’ to ‘the undertaking we must finish’. I spent too many hours editing this, but it is quite entertaining (if not a little bizarre).

‘For the Jazz’ was animated, designed, written and directed by all of us (NoobyTendencies, Manny1212, TheRozit), but I take the credit for the editing (I stayed up until the early hours putting it together and working out the kinks)

To check out my sisters’ blogs go here!

Manny1212 –

TheRozit –

Look for yourself. See what idleness and jazz can do to the mind!


One to the head!

Just a quick announcement, I am still alive! I have just been too busy to do much on my blogs lately. I have plenty that will be going up quite soon, but in the meantime enjoy this video of my band at home jamming out one of our songs! Just bear in mind it has been 6 months since a practice so we are a little rusty!

Module grades, alcoholic conclusions and zombie film talk!

Another busy week has passed, but the radio advertisement is finished. It took time to do because we had to think up a product rather than base the advert on an existing one, but it turned out to be an interesting experience. In other news I finally got my module grades back, and I’m still working on my short film concept. But for now here is my video blog of the week, enjoy!

And to check out the finished radio advertisement click shock-foodstuffs !


With a week before the next module I decided to go home, and it seems as though I have much to do before the March deadline. My Blog will finally be marked, but in order for me to get a high mark I am required to throw in some more relative content. That’s a fair one I suppose; it will mean a patch of ‘different’ posts for a while, but only for the grading purpose. In the mean time I filmed my homecoming and decided to get a bit of my surroundings on camera. For those of you who wonder what Herefordshire looks like, it looks a little bit like this.

Enjoy x

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