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Woah, working in a nightclub really takes it out of you, last night myself and a few others were shooting a video inside Coventry’s Platinum nightclub, which turned out to be a very stressful night indeed. Between one of our photographers getting poached by another nightclub and our equipment struggling to handle the low light we also realised that the event (that had been planned and anticipated by the community for well over a month) turned out to be the opposite of what everyone expected…

From nine thirty in the evening to roughly half two in the morning we were roaming with our cameras, desperately trying to capture a few good-looking shots without the dreaded image noise. We had mixed results, you’ll see for yourself soon enough once I turn the footage around. That is, if I don’t fall asleep on the job first, YAWN!

But in other news, I have finally documented twenty days worth of experience for my professional enhancement module, my personal Cyclone blog has now passed the minimum requirement with plenty more to go, so I can now reveal my project! Head on over to and have a look around, all the relevant information can be found there. On top of this I will be releasing a video presentation, reflecting on my experience as the founder and director of the group, so stay tuned for that.

That’s it for now, have a good one!


I’m cold…

My oh my. It is getting awfully cold in Coventry right now. We are rapidly descending into the abyss of British winter, where temperatures are so extreme that no intelligent life can be sustained. That is, not without lots of warm clothing and hot beverages…

For me this isn’t a problem, I see it as a golden opportunity to drink more tea than ever! However it does present another problem, heating. As a student such a luxury is sparingly enjoyed, for one simply cannot afford to run the heaters on full throughout the season. Once again I can cope with that, but something tells me that some of my house-mates will not fare so well.

But I digress, that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

No, today I wish to announce a few things to you, but when I say announce I really mean harass your inbox with updates on my life. Granted you do not wish to read them, but it is good practice for me to document at least some of my second year work. It’s a habit I have fallen out with as of late, because I’d rather be doing something a little more interesting, like writing short stories, making films or, god forbid, actually study (Don’t panic mum, that was a joke). So once again, I will provide you fine people a link to my other blog: NoobyScribe, where Krueger’s adventures continue to unfold before our very eyes in the fourth instalment of ‘Blue Ruin’. It’s also worth noting that I’ll be throwing a few stand-alone pieces up on that space every now and again too, just to keep things interesting.

In addition, my musical space, NoobyMuzo will be seeing a little more activity rather soon. I have been on a hunt for new music, particularly artist’s whose geographic origin exceeds that of our nation’s borders. I think I’m on the right track, because my YouTube advertisements are rarely in English any-more. That’s gotta be a good sign, right?

But perhaps most note-worthy of all is my latest achievement/undertaking. The international society, Viva La Fiesta runs events up and down the UK. Their student ran correspondent society for Coventry, ‘One World Society’ has recently handed their blog over to me (for better or for worse). Their society has been on the decline a little lately and they are looking to reboot their project. So, being the good Samaritan that I am, I offered my assistance with updating the blog, writing for them and keeping an eye on things. I can’t tell you how much of a pain that has been so far though; this society is a professionally ran project, so I was expecting their blog to reflect that. It… was a shambles. No offence, but it looked bad, and it read even worse. The posts were few and far between, and they lacked any interest whatsoever. No wonder no-one read it. I think I can fix it, but it’s going to take a while. I have written the latest post, marking a new chapter in the society’s life, hopefully I can make something of a difference. For an official blog it lacks views! Would you all care to rectify that?

And finally, my course. What can I say? It stills feel like some of us are working harder than others, but I guess that will show in the long run. There is a lot of practical and professional work on the way, I’ll share any of the finished products on here. That’s about it, I’m calling it a day now, I understand the clocks go back tonight, meaning an extra hour. That’s an episode of Dexter.

NoobyTendencies, signing off.


Yes I’m still alive, despite the unwarranted void between my last post and now.

There is a lot I could say about my absence, I could try to justify it with some superficial sentiment of ‘time well spent’ or something along those vague lines. But let’s be totally honest, I got idle for too long. I’d like to raise the following question – “How can an individual become so hopelessly buried beneath idleness, or more to the point why does a dose of torpor linger in the system for so long?”

I honestly wish I could keep up my wise-man façade and answer those questions, but I don’t think I can (at least not in detail anyway). So I’d like to pass the baton to you, the readers. Think back to a time when you have been totally stuck in a rut, and recall how you managed to get out of it. Of course I’m sure many remain under the influence of said ‘rut’, and continue to struggle with it to this day. I extend my deepest condolences should this be the case. Read More…

Where, where, where?

I’ll tell you where! Everywhere!

Apologies, I’ll calm down. But how about this fantastic sunshine? Admittedly it is more than likely to be an intermission on Mother Nature’s part, but in the spirit of ‘Carpe Diem’ I have spent less time confined to the keyboard and more time basking in the glorious outdoors.

But rather that natter on about it here I have decided to keep things brief. To summarize the events of the past and present week so far, I have set up a new Blog which is dedicated to music, fittingly titled ‘NoobyMuzo’. Two posts have been published already, one of which being a review of a recent release by the one and only Mark Tremonti (if you don’t know who he is then do yourself a favour and find out!). So that’s something to look out for in the future. Read More…

Money well spent (hopefully)…

It was a spur of the moment impulse that led to the departure of fifty-something pounds, well it would have been more but I was told not to be so garish (basically). It’s rather surprising, seeing as I have not purchased a physical item, or the rights to something. I have bought words, words that are yet to be spoken and yet to be heard. Hopefully these words will be enlightening, or at the very least give me something to think about – after all, I’ll be spending a week listening to them.

The highly acclaimed ‘Hay Festival’ is just around the corner, and I’ve swiped a few tickets to a handful of the seminars and talks. Nothing says nerdy like getting excited about talks on politics and philosophy (to name a few of the topics), although if I must be honest I was rather hoping that I could just ‘drop in’ and listen for free. You shouldn’t have to put a price on education, or food for thought – but the festival has to get its money somehow.

It’s supposedly one of the biggest cultural festivals in the world, one that tours around the world and stops for a week in Hay-on-wye: It’s sponsors include Barclay’s, Sky and even Google (the list is surprisingly long), and people from all over the world fly in for the intellectual buzz. It should be an interesting experience; admittedly this will be my first time really mixing with the festival as I’m usually manning a marquee or observing numerous antiques exchange eccentric hands.

The likes of Terry Pratchett, Steven Fry and Tim Minchin will be stealing the show, along with an ensemble of art-house (pretentious) musicians and an array of heavy hitters hailing from top Universities such as Cambridge. It’s definitely going to be a good one this year, and with something to go to every day there will plenty to do. So on the first of June I’ll be grabbing my rucksack full of clothes, laptop and camera, and checking out the festival.

I’ll be posting photos, videos and more across the week as I get stuck in. Perhaps I’m doing it for my own enjoyment, but there might be something you find intriguing. It’s an all you-can-eat buffet for the brain, and I’ll be bringing you the warmed-up leftovers daily.

Yummy 🙂

Full speed ahead!

What a hectic week back! It seems as if this is the sprint to the finish line, the end of the first year is well and truly in sight. Still, the pressure is building every day. Our final module has put us all through our paces, and with only a week to finish a five thousand word group essay and the rest of the practical tasks we are all feeling the strain. ‘183MC’, just as I was warned is a challenge when the time runs out,and it feels very similar to the dreaded ’72 hour challenge’.

This is why I haven’t been bothering a lot with WordPress or YouTube. There is plenty I would like to do, but I simply do not have the time. But, like I said before it is nearly over and when this module is done with there will be plenty of interesting things to come.

I decided to put up the finished videos from my practical assignments, but only after they have been submitted (just to be safe!), so when you see a fresh set of videos you will know the work is finally finished.

After that I plan to make some fresh vlogs, and regular music recommendations! I figured that a lot of the music I listen to could use the support, and a lot of people end up finding their favourite artists by accident, so that’s what I’ll do.

As always, watch the space. You’ll know when everything is returning to normal

Back, with a plan.

It has been a week since anything new on AdamIsAtCoventry, I wanted to give my tutors some time to take everything in before I make another change to the flow of things. Now hopefully this will make everything a lot less confusing, but in order for it to work I need to make a few more links and a few more spaces.

Let me explain, AdamIsAtCoventry (to those who are regular readers or passers-by) should be a dedicated blog which covers my university work, personal development and anything related to my course. The more I think about it the more it would make more sense to link that to a series of other spaces that can exist for anything else I do, to keep things organised.

I know no-one likes change, but I think this is for the best.

Keep an eye on any more posts, they will tell you what is happening next.

A Home Button!

Just a quick update to all those who struggle to navigate around my Blog, there is now a little home button in the right sidebar. You’ll never be lost again!!

Watch the Space for plenty more posts and pages x


Whilst stumbling around on tumblr I happened across a portfolio in the making called A.E Photography. It is still a relatively young blog, but is already showing a wide collection works by Amy Davies, an aspiring professional photographer inspired by the works of Cindy Sherman.

If you have an eye for photography than you should definitely have a look, and subscribe to her tumblr feed for future works!

About time!

As of today I have a new computer, a nice new laptop that runs like a dream. You probably wouldn’t know this but for the past decade I have been using out-dated tower desktops that produce as much heat and noise as a car engine. Now I am fully equipped for the next university term, and with my new camera I can upload Vlogs nice and easy, whether I am on the move, or in a hurry.

As my recent post stated I have been working on a side project of mine, and it’s getting bigger every time I work on it. The timelines and background information alone are piling up, and the research is becoming more extensive. I cannot tell you what it is just yet, only that it is time consuming and taking priority over my other web series writing. Oh, I can tell you one more thing about it; it’s called ‘Whispers’.

That’s all for now…

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