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Thinking About Cyclone.

Well, I wanted to keep this video a secret until it was unveiled to the rest of the class, but I recently found out that this won’t actually be used at all for the presentations. After all that editing! Oh well, I’ll share it on here instead. I had to put together a reflective video, during which I discuss my experience on my self guided placement, what I learned and what I struggled with. Standard procedure, but it delves into Cyclone quite a bit. If you’d like to learn a little bit about the ‘behind the scenes’ progression, and Cyclone’s relationship with my course studies, then watch the video below!


Spur of the moment participation.

Time is running out, it always is. There’s never enough of it when you really need it, and a surplus when you don’t. It seems the world is not without a sense of irony. The deadline for a very important course module looms with but a week or so standing between me and the end, perhaps I sound melodramatic, but after more than a month of independently organised professional work I can’t help but feel apprehensive. I’ve been withdrawn from the world, wholly devoted to a creation that has snowballed itself into existence with the support of my peers, Cyclone. I mention the name here and there, this will be to you (as much as it still is to me), an enigma. A concept or notion that I felt fitting for a social enterprise gained mutual interest, and before I knew it became what it is today. I insist on keeping you fine readers in the dark about it, until now. Why keep things a secret? Who knows, you might be interested in it too.

For now we are a media production group, a coalition of writers, photographers, film-makers and thinkers; we are focussing on promoting and investigating the world of unsigned music, however we have plans to go above and beyond in the near future.

Here’s a sneak preview of our documentary, ‘Window Shopping’. A recent interview with an acoustic punk, Huffy, who will feature in the full release.

But enough Cyclone talk for now, on to the title. Despite having very little free time these days, I found myself joining a focus group in the heat of the moment. The gathering was to discuss a new product for students, called the ‘Gecko Pad’. Due to the nature of the product (and its delicate pre-production state) I cannot reveal too much information about it, however I will say that it is an interesting premise, one that could find its way into many institutions if pushed in the right direction.

I sat for some time, listening to the discussion of the product, not to mention the thoughts and opinions of others in the room, before opening up too. I think they were surprised by my responses, they were a little ‘different’ to those that had been heard already. I chose to not reveal my experience as a student with experience in entrepreneurial ventures, and instead played the situation. By the end of the three-hour discussion I had turned the conversational dynamics around to my favour, leaving the product developers hanging on my every word. It felt good, it reminded me of my professional confidence, something that had taken a few bruises over the past month or so. A refreshing change of pace, one that I am thankful for experiencing.

It’s the day after my spur of the moment participation, and that revived confidence is yet to leave my side. I sit outside Costa’s typing this in the sunshine as I wait for my day to truly begin. It’s another big job for Cyclone, I’ll be leading a crew of photographers and videographers at a night-club shoot, as part of our efforts to spread our professional reputation. The equipment is almost ready to collect, won’t be long now.

It will be interesting to find out if I’m living under a placebo effect, or if I’m back up to full speed.

Fired up on a Monday

Technically it’s a Tuesday now, but who cares? You know there’s nothing better than getting back into the swing of things, getting back on the proverbial horse. For me, a student whose future career depends on what I do now, it is a relieving time. Once you’ve managed to overcome the tyranny of an idle mind you really do feel unstoppable, at least on paper anyway.

I admit, this is feeling like a rambling post already. I’m blogging for the sake of blogging, you say? Perhaps, but with good reason. Preparations are underway to reveal the Cyclone project to my lecturers, the culmination of my professional experience: As opposed to embarking on a painstaking search for potentially monotonous work experience placements in obscure companies I decided to make my own, more or less.

Cyclone is a beta-test for a collection of projects that I have rambled on about ominously for the past two years, the fundamentals behind it are simple – by establishing a platform for creatives to come together and work under I address the ‘it’s who you know’ issue, allowing me to source talent and resources for future endeavors, whilst networking with like-minded individuals. Obviously that’s pretty thinking pretty big, so for now it’s taking a more humble form, promotions and publicity. By offering professional services free of charge, we have already made valuable connections and job offers (I say we because Cyclone gained a team in the process!). You may remember a long time ago, I mentioned ‘EnterSaturation’, well this is what it’s become.

There will be more information about this entity to come, I intend to bore you all about it, but for now I must continue back-dating it’s history onto a devoted Cyclone blog. In the meantime, check us out on facebook. Give us a like and stay in the loop, it would be hugely appreciated! 🙂

Project 201

How about this? Eh? How about it? 201MC, that little bane of our lives is suddenly become a new leash of life, a hobby, a love-child. I’m not exaggerating when I say that, this is the chance I need for all my side projects and ideas (that have built up over the years) to see the open world, I’m excited, because I know (for the first time) that my dreams are becoming possible.

No doubt that there is still much work to be done, free time is still a precious recourse, but progress is slowly being made. I can’t (don’t want to) say too much about ‘project 201’ because, to be quite frank, it’s complicated, and I’d like to think it’s relatively innovative. But I will keep a photographic/video/text journal of the process.

Oh, and whatever you think this is (especially at this stage) I can guarantee you’re wrong. But that’s okay, you’ll know soon enough.

Back with a vengeance,


Blue Ruin. A Nightmare. Part Two.

Good morning to you all! For those of you who don’t know already I have recently started writing my very own piece of fiction. As I write it I release pieces of it on a regular basis for readers to follow-up on, sort of like a comic made up entirely of words! So far two parts have been released for the first chapter. The second part was uploaded minutes ago on NoobyScribe. If you haven’t already please have a look! x

If you are enjoying the mysterious story so far, then subscribe to NoobyMuzo and you’ll get an email with the latest segment whenever there’s something new!

Feeling the need for some fictional excercise.

Have you ever felt the need to do something creative, with the idea right in the midst of your mind yet just shy of emergence? Have you ever just decided “right, this is what I’m going to do…” and it never materialises beyond an elusive shimmer of thought? ZeFrank has a term for this, it’s called ‘brain crack’. It’s the idea in your head that ferments beyond practicality and realism, if left long enough without action you become addicted to the so-called ‘brain crack’ and its dazzling fantasies of hopeless potential. I think many of us fall victim to this insidious addiction, I know I have time and time again. But surely there must be a way to relinquish ourselves of this terrible scourge? Perhaps literary exercise is what is truly required, a bit of impromptu writing about whatever you think of first? Maybe give yourself a time limit and start doing this on a regular basis too! They say you should exercise your body on a regular basis, but the same can be said for the mind, just think how sluggish we become when we don’t use our heads for a long time? That is the last thing a writer or an artist should be worrying about, but unfortunately if you… I… don’t keep the faculties active then we will all fall victim to a thoughtless fate. So, it’s time to rectify this with some fictional exercise. I’m giving myself some time to write something totally out of the blue and I’ll post the result below.

1 Day Later…

Good day to you all! I am very excited to announce that a written project of mine, ‘Blue Ruin’ has officially began! So basically over the year there will be regular short story releases, which tell the tale of an apocalyptic scenario from multiple perspectives! Yes it may not be the most original idea, but it is a written exercise that should be as thrilling for you as it is for me! The first part has already been posted, you can read it here!

I can’t wait to see where this project goes, and of course, reveal to you the story piece by piece!

But that’s not all, the space itself (noobyscribe) will feature other written pieces from yours truly, things that I have been dying to share for over a year now! God I can barely contain myself! Please keep an eye out and watch the space, I’m optimistic (to say the least) that some great stuff will be happening in the future!

NoobyTendencies x


Where, where, where?

I’ll tell you where! Everywhere!

Apologies, I’ll calm down. But how about this fantastic sunshine? Admittedly it is more than likely to be an intermission on Mother Nature’s part, but in the spirit of ‘Carpe Diem’ I have spent less time confined to the keyboard and more time basking in the glorious outdoors.

But rather that natter on about it here I have decided to keep things brief. To summarize the events of the past and present week so far, I have set up a new Blog which is dedicated to music, fittingly titled ‘NoobyMuzo’. Two posts have been published already, one of which being a review of a recent release by the one and only Mark Tremonti (if you don’t know who he is then do yourself a favour and find out!). So that’s something to look out for in the future. Read More…

It’s getting clearer.

Every talk I go to, every seminar I sit through – it’s getting clearer that no-one can give me a straight edge answer about anything, and if they can it’s not an answer anyone wants to hear (without being insulted or sitting on a radical part of the ideological fence). Today I listened to a panel of veteran minds from the commonwealth writers, including Sarfraz Manzoor. They discussed the likely future of the book and the writer in a world where technology evolves every day.

I found this talk to be pessimistic at times, falling for the sensationalist rhetoric that I expected the panel to subvert. Through all the various ideas and conflicting assumptions I realised that they thought traditional books were doomed to plummet into a novelty existence, whilst the proliferation of digital literature would increase. Well, I thought that’s what they were assuming until they began disagreeing with one another.

Finally they reached a point in the conversation where both ‘books are endangered’ and ‘technology is a fad’, meaning there is no place for future literature (or classic for that matter). Confused by their implausible conclusion, I decided to ask them what exactly was the fate of writing and writers if everything was supposedly doomed to fail. They mockingly insinuated that I had not been paying attention.

I’m sorry, but I have paid enough attention across the week to realise that not a single talker has provided the audience any form of closure, and they quite often drag the audience through a myriad of digressions (almost like an animal trying to shake a predator off its tracks).

Just like the talk with Brendan Burchell and Julia Hobsbawm, whenever someone tries to get an actual defined answer they are deflected as if it were an attack.  Why so defensive? If you don’t know the answer then why act like you do? Being academic and keeping ‘in the now’ makes fools of us all, it’s how we learn. Surely it is better to leave your ego at the door when it comes to such a precariously complicated subject as current culture?

No. Apparently, if you are of a certain age the rules and regulations of humility no longer apply to you.

Excuse my lack of civility, it’s been a long week.

Well whad’ya know?

It’s been an interesting day today, because my faith in humanity has both been partially restored and diminished – thanks to the talks I went to today.

The first one was with a former South African Politician turned political writer, Andrew Feinstein: He has made it his personal mission to expose corruption within governments worldwide, and he has partially done so in his book ‘ The Shadow World’. It is always shocking to hear the statistics and stories of someone who has actively been digging up the dirt on big companies and governments alike, even if you are already aware of their twisted ways. But one thing I didn’t know in particular was how a very successful arms dealer (Joe Der Hovsepian), who has a non-existent paper trail has a Facebook profile, and a ‘LinkedIn’ account, despite his otherwise secret life!

Secondly came another talk from the Cambridge University speakers, only this time (much to my surprise) there was no pretentious snobbery, nor any assertions of superiority. On the contrary, Stefan Collini argued that universities should provide a practical, character building experience for those with the aptitude and the drive. He also argued that money should not be part of the application criteria, as the fresh waves of undergraduates could very well prove to be an investment into the economic stability of the country  (and therefore should not be cut short). There was emphasis on the relative importance of all subjects, and that one particular school should not take precedence over another. In all it was a promising (and bright) ideal that was shining through Collini’s talk, I just hope there are more senior academics that share his view on the status quo of our universities.

Here’s the ‘daily Hay’ video, technically it is a day late because it is now the 8th of June, well I blame the internet connection for that one. Hay may be an annual hub of literary/cultural intelligence , but the web connectivity is shambolic three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Terry Pratchett at the Hay Festival.

Okay, I’m still lagging behind when it comes to the blog posts, I’ve been too pre-occupied with the daily videos. Nonetheless, I felt compelled to step back and just say how happy I was just to see Terry Pratchett talk about his career (and life as a writer) in Hay. Such a remarkable individual, and so determined to keep delivering star material for his fans despite his growing case of Alzheimer’s disease.

He is an inspiration to any aspiring writer; so many marvel at his ability to sculpt fictional worlds with such depth and conviction, yet even with this huge stockpile of accolade Terry has gathered over the years he remains impeccably modest, and humbled before his fans.

That makes it even sadder to see him deteriorate. granted he is coping for now, but it was clear that he was struggling to recall information at times. He’s a determined man, with so much left to do with his remaining time, but even he is uncertain how much long it will be before he loses the ability to work any longer. I think the whole experience was made even more emotional, having seen his documentary ‘Choosing to Die’ prior to the talk.

Despite this ailment, Terry’s works continue to grow with new releases (including the already successful ‘snuff’). Truly committed to his fictional creations (and doing everything in his power to see his projects through), the man sets an example for others to follow. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say “If I had a fraction of his talent I’d be set!”, although he insists that emerging authors should keep original (forget trying to write like him or anyone else) and just go for it. Sound advice, what are you (or I) waiting for? Carpe Diem!

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