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Read this before marking.

I am unsure when you will look at my blog, but this post is here to help you when you do.

Everything which is module essential can be found in the ‘Story So Far’ tab at the top of the page

The Cabinet of Curiosities’ reflection is written and in video form on the ‘Wunderkammer!’ tab at the top of the page

The Two letters to self are also on the top bar.

The Cabinet of Curiosities can be found by scrolling down the right hand bar, this will continue to grow even after marking.

I have a YouTube channel with videos course related, side project related or simply entertaining which is referenced frequently on this blog.

Everything is here, most is linked in the story so far for ease of access. However you may still have to search through my post history. If you do I apologize in advance, there is quite a bit on here!


Items 40 to 49 are now up on the Cabinet

Hey all, just a quick update. 9 Items have just recently been added to the WunderKammer! Scroll down the right hand bar to find them! I have been working away on various things, including scripts for an upcoming set of Vlogs that explain where a large portion of my time has been going, a little research project I put together out of my own intrigue. More on the way soon!

Twitter Feed Established!

This is an important update, as a lot of the update information will be posted via my new Twitter account. So if you want to keep your finger on the pulse, and find out when a cabinet item has been uploaded, or a new page or change to the Blog has occurred check out my twitter for the latest. Posts and main information will still be updated as normal, and those who have subscribed will be informed via email.!/NoobyTendencies

Expect a few new cabinet items today, and rest assured that I am working on the episode outlines for ‘Living Space’…


Close to Christmas!!!

Well that’s it for now! My course modules for this year are completed, now I have two weeks before break-up to do with as I wish. I won’t be putting my feet up just yet, expect a lot of blog posts, the Cabinet’s next batch of items and work on my on-going side projects! There is also my Add-vantage plan to finish (which will be done soon enough!). It’s been a hectic few months finding my feet, and getting stuck into University work and life, which has been stressful at times, but I have enjoyed it nonetheless so far…

It’s been a while since I have done one of these, so… What have I learned thus far?

  • Lists are essential, especially when you are doing a little more than the course alone.
  • Will power, mainly when it comes to getting up in the mornings (or more importantly going to sleep earlier) is a necessity, fight your natural teenage body clock and get to bed around 10pm or earlier, you will wake up easy and with more energy for the day!
  •  Fruit and soup are a good thing to implement into your student diet, you feel so much fresher, and healthier from just a little bit of vitamin supplement. The fast food and booze will catch up with you!
  • Experiment when you cook, you’d be surprised how tasty the results are, most of the time anyway…
  • keep yourself busy with something extra to do on the side, you’d be surprised what it can do for your work ethic
  • If ever you get a good idea, for anything at all (work, things to do, stuff to cook) write it down, when things are hectic you’ll forget them, and regret it later.
  • When looking for houses and property, do not be afraid to snap up a deal quick, if it suits your personal criteria and is affordable, and available, DON’T WAIT! If you leave it a week, or even a few days to think about it you will undoubtedly miss out of that offer.
  • Call home when you can. As I have said before you will realise how much you miss your family and friends when you have time to breathe.
  • Keep a rational head on you when it comes to expenditure, keep records of what you spend and owe, and you will find yourself in a much easier and albeit a much safer financial year.
  • A little bit of retail therapy never hurt anyone now and again! Just don’t go over the top.
  • Try the local pubs, clubs and eating spots: get a feel for your surroundings.
  • When you are doing your coursework, essays, assignments or revision NEVER leave it to last minute because you may realise it will take longer than you realised, and you will.
  • Make plenty of friends whilst in halls, because you could well find the perfect people to live with the next year.
  • If you have a problem with someone you are living with, make it known to them earlier rather than later. Don’t let it build up to the point where you dread coming back and risk exploding at your flat-mates. Trust me on that one.
  • Make your room more home-like, style it like your own room if you like, or fill it with things you like. For example, my room is choc full of posters on ever wall, a tonne of cds and dvds, and I have brought personal affects from home, from the favourite mug to my xbox, to favourite books to cymbals (or any instrument you may play). Things like this make the environment a lot more familiar!

That’s all for now!

Expect fresh updates later today…

Allow me to re-introduce myself

Well this is quite important. Although I started my summer project during the summer holidays (As I was expected to) it has come to my attention that may not have been fully organized in a manner that was appropriate for the lecturers to mark. So I will reintroduce myself as a Blogger and as a student and address the new categories that are implemented into Blog.

This is my primary Blog where I will upload both my university work, society work and any extra curricular pieces as well as my personal updates. My secondary Blog has coincidentally fitted in well with my Add-vantage module, which requires me to work on a ‘creative enterprise’. The secondary Blog will be the location for uploads and updates on my side media work (which is not related to university work apart from the add-vantage scheme).

The new categories in the right hand column means that any work for the course that is uploaded will be sorted into their respective modules (most of the modules I have yet to start, but when I do and upload work for them the module categories will most likely start to appear).

Updates on Blog maintenance and updates that I feel are relevant to the personal professional development scheme will also be categorised.

My Cabinet and letter to self have been uploaded for some time now, however I will continue to work on the Cabinet throughout the year. Expect some changes when I am called in for Blog reviews or whatever is the feedback protocol.

To those of you who look at my Blog most will seem the same, just notice the longer column that accommodates for the ever growing course content I must take on during my studies at Coventry.

That’s it for now, expect a few new cabinet items up tonight!

Much love x

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