So we meet again.

Admittedly this is earlier than anticipated, however the circumstances have forced me to write to you before the end of the semester. There are no need for the introductions or sentimental re-acquaintances, I have kept a close eye on you these passing months.

I had to write again, I couldn’t wait any longer.

You ARE still here! My goodness you stuck to your word and kept your head down. I’m surprised you know, I never really had a lot of faith in you before, especially when it came to academic matters or anything that required long-term commitment. So for you to turn around and actually start over, to actually follow my blissfully optimistic ‘hopes and predictions’…

…Well lets just say I am impressed.

But now I have your attention you can wipe that grin off your face. I’m not here to boost your ego, I’m here to make sure you keep it that way. I’m impressed, but not impressed enough, if you want to keep going then you and I both know you must do better. You’ve already proven you can adjust to the workloads, so I don’t want to hear any nonsense about being ‘too busy’ or ‘not enough time’. There is no place for excuses and immaturity at degree level, so I don’t want to hear them. You are too easily distracted; I bet you are looking out of the window every few seconds, you always did if you were indoors when it was sunny. Take a moment to close the curtains, I need your full attention as you read this.

Good, now we can proceed…

Lets take a look at your work, what do you see here? I’ll tell you what I see here, this is the work of an individual who I know for a fact can do better if you push yourself a little further. They were telling you that since primary school, of your potential to get the next grade up if you just applied yourself and used your time better. I hope it is starting to sink in, for your sakes. You may think you are doing ‘okay’ for now, but this is the first year. It gets tougher from here on in, so you’d better buckle up. I want to see you spending more time in the library, I want you getting more of the additional reading done. I don’t care how much other people are reading, you ought to be caring for yourself! Your concentration in lectures varies, I have noticed you work better when you enjoy what you are doing. That’s a pretty poor ethic if you ask me, if you can learn well in this module or that module then you should do the same for the rest of them. Stop worrying about other people too, you’re not paying to be Mr popular or Mr helpful. And another thing, sort out your bloody body clock; you are losing your free days to laziness! Get up, and if you have no course work to do then get on with something else! Am I exaggerating, am I being to harsh? You tell me when you’re floundering around next year and are in over your head. It’s all well and good people saying you are good at this or that, but if you want to step it up then we need to crack the whip.

Now, for your ‘side projects’ that you rant on about in your YouTube videos, I want to see a little more progress. Some of them are good ideas I guess, but you are merely playing around with the concepts and ‘drafts’. I heard you are working on a horror film, for Halloween? Well you’d better get on that then, time is of the essence. I understand you are keeping them secretive, nobody likes to lose their ideas to plagiarism or theft, even if they aren’t worth the bother.

I want more videos on your YouTube channel, I want better videos. You need to be more entertaining if you want more views. The same goes for your blog, you spend so much time waffling on it, yet you have merely two thousand views and thirty something subscribers. Your friend started one and had twice the views in a quarter of the time, what does that tell you? Talk about something a little more popular! Oh, and one more thing. How is the search for some journalism experience going? You quit the East Asian Film Society to do something else, where has that got you. Your advantage tutor offered you the chance to try for ’emerge magazine’, you never got back to her. Absolutely unacceptable, you get back onto your search, and you start writing articles again.

Well done for finding a house and paying for it. I am rather impressed at your money-saving capabilities, but then again you are somewhat socially inept these days aren’t you? Claiming the night life is a waste of your time and money. Well you may be right, but you better be spending that extra time wisely.

One last thing. If you are ‘in a band’ then stop messing about and get some recordings done, before you know it you will have missed your chance to get into the studio.

You know on the surface you seem like you have it all under control, but you have so much to do. Pull your finger out and get it done, don’t make me come over there.

I’m not being an ass, I don’t take pleasure in poking holes in everything you do. I am doing it because I care about you.

Well that’s it, you’ve just about got through the first year. I won’t keep you any longer, you and I both know that there is much more to be done. Get to it!


One response to “So we meet again.”

  1. mandy says :

    Ah son you make me laugh and you make me proud all at once!! humility is a gift and you have buckets of it, that will stead you well. Is that your jimminy cricket in your ear or has it been spliced with a modicum of me too? sounds like your own conscience is harder on you than me…………. Its all good, I agree with everything, but you left one bit out………..enjoy the experience! these are the pre-curser times to the start of everything great now and to come. Seize and relish every new challenge good or bad, your work ethic is admirable, but remember your own ethos of looking up from the pavement from time to time…………thats the hardest thing of all, I struggle with that one too. Your talent is a gift also and you embrace it with eagerness and hunger, which ever path you choose will be yours for the taking and you absoutely deserve to do well, but success has to also be measured by happiness, remember that balance work hard but live too. Love you son! xx

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