The Story so far…

So, you’ve found your way onto my Blog and by some coincidental click of the mouse you have opened up this page.

In all honesty I was hoping you wouldn’t, but now you are here I suppose I should fill you in on the story so far.

I’m a first year at Coventry University studying culture and media, I love it (although I wish people took it more seriously). I was unsure what to expect, being a distracted sixth former yet to discover he could write, or that there was more to life than music and films. So when I hit the lectures, the seminars and the group assignments reality hit me…

…But I was ready. With a vague idea and internet access I created a Blog, which continues to grow. I dabbled at first, poking into the uncertain with posts and pages on things I like or hate, and then I realised that writing was not as hard as I thought it to be. I did more and more, literally talking about anything. Sometimes it would be a serious topic, sometimes it would be trivial or comical. I thought I could keep to a routine, but I found it much more enjoyable to Blog whenever I feel like it, and on whatever I chose. So now it’s a big collection of rantings, writings and musings; sometimes they are related to the course, sometimes they are reflections on the news or notable issues, sometimes they are about things I love, and sometimes they are things I have created from scratch.

This Blog is a little bit of a mix up, I am still tapping the microphone mumbling “check check.” I wouldn’t call this a portfolio just yet, I call this a stepping stone to other things. You’re more than welcome to read through everything I have done and subscribe if you feel the need, but just bear in mind that something bigger is waiting around the corner.


And for the lucky fellow who has to plough through everything I have written to give me and everyone else on the course a mark, I have made things a little easier for you. The Cabinet of curiosities is in the sidebar, everything is categorised to some extent and the letter to self is in the menu bar at the top. As for the essential items, I have check listed and linked them below…

Three East Asian Society Film Reviews (All 300 words or more)

‘Revenge, A love Story’

‘Underwater Love’

‘Midnight FM’

Discipline/Practitioner Events

‘An evening with George Shaw’ (A piece I wrote on the turner nominated artist hailing from Coventry, during his public appearance at the Herbert Art Gallery I went along and wrote a little something about it)

‘Going to the movies, CUEAFS style’ (I wrote this for the East Asian Film Society, a first hand overview of our trip to the UK premiere of Underwater love, where we met cinematographer Christopher Doyle and score composers Stereototal.)

Wrote for several editions of ‘Asia Exposure’ for the Coventry East Asian Film Society. Here is the first newsletter.

Coventry Conversations (That I have gone to)

These are discussed and referred to in various reflective posts (these posts are reflections of passed weeks however, not just for the Cov Cons).

Paul Bradshaw – On open media and community interaction (The new media is good for us, but it means the traditional media will become weaker, and obsolete. If they want to bounce back they need to embrace the new media.)

Judith Townend – The Journalist versus the Blogger (A good Journalist needs to step past the masses of ‘Bloggers’ and utilise the skill to validate facts and information, instead of just finding and writing about stories.)

Mark Linsey – Commissioning entertainment for the masses (The best way into the industry is through perseverance into any field.)

An Article on under-represented groups in the media.

I criticise the effects of negative representation with my review of the ‘My Tram Experience’ video that went viral a few months ago.

Course Reflections

This was done through various Vlogs and posts that not only reflect on what I have learnt but apply the knowledge to pressing affairs regarding open media. You won’t have to go far to find this.

Extra Curricular that can be found on this Blog

I have done the following:

  • Written pieces on national and international news, such as the Syrian Crisis and the SOPA issue. Simply keep scrolling to find them.
  • Written unrelated pieces that exercise my writing capabilities, as well as provide humour or expression on a variety of matters.
  • Created and uploaded several Videos, some are reflections of course content, others are on side projects and university life, others are simply for entertainment

I am also currently:

  • Working on a number of short films and side projects that are briefly explained on my other Blog, they will be uploaded their once they are finished or are in full production
  • Writing an album with a music performance student, any news of song releases will be posted here.

Cabinet of Curiosities

They are in the form of a large collection of written pieces that reflect or criticise particular subjects or occurences in the media. I have also made two videos especially related to this task.

Completed Letter to Self (Both)

Like I said this can be found on the top bar.

Lost in Coventry

Uploaded on Hakrul Islam’s Youtube channel. Edited entirely by my and filmed by all of us. The reflection is found in the post with the video link. I produced two other videos especially related to this task.

The Viral Video Task

Uploaded to Vimeo. Includes an extract from my reflection notes.

72 Hour Challenge

Found here, the post also discussed my first experience of a Coventry Conversation.


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