The Sound of Horror.

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. Are you familiar with the sound of Horror? I mean, the quintessential aural experience that makes one tremble in fear and recognition, yelping “Yup, this is some creepy shiz” with a squeaky voice? Probably not, because to be honest, who actually does that? I sooo don’t do that. No really, I don’t.

Okay, I digress somewhat. Back on track.

As an exercise of both theoretical and practical competence we were asked to produce a piece of audio that told the story of the ‘Monkey’s Paw’. However, it had to be convincing. That really is the hard part. Do you know how difficult it is to produce something that is actually convincing? Professionals devote their careers, their lives, trying to perfect the art of believability, or at least the ability to affect the audience with anything beyond unimpressed speculation. As consumers we know what we want, we spend our lives consuming the products that catch our fancy, so we become masters of knowing what we like, what we want. Replicating that from another position is bloody hard, often impossible. Make no mistake, there is a fine line between descent and corny.

We had to take that precarious notion head on, and it remains to be seen whether we succeeded or not. I suppose it is always a matter of subjectivity, to an extent.

So, the ‘Monkey’s Paw’, for those of you who don’t know it’s an old horror story about a (you guessed it) Monkey’s Paw. The paw grants people wishes, but at a terrible cost. So when an old couple start wishing with it things go from bad to worse for them. (Read the full story here) They loose their son to a terrible factory incident after wishing for money, and they get their money in compensation for their loss. So what’s the logical next step in a horror? Wish the son alive again, despite him being all mangled up and slightly decomposed, gotta love black magic. That’s the part of the story we had to create with sound, the resurrection and the struggle with ol’ Zombie Herbert. Seriously, this might not make any sense to you, if that’s the case then read the story, or at least look up a more elaborate synopsis than mine.

Anyway, that’s what we had to do. A few of us researched it, some of us did the production, some did the voice acting, and others (moi!) did the post production. I think when you have seen as many horror films as I have you kinda assume the formula of a good horror soundscape. I could be wrong though, why don’t you listen for yourselves.

So tell me dear readers. How was it for you?

Thanks for listening, thanks for reading.

NoobyTendencies, away!

Oh yeah, I know I don’t blog an awful lot these days. I’m pretty busy, no?


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